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My son's bio-dad was arrested for failure to pay on my son's juvie charges that he was made a party to.

I have been in the hospital so I really don't know much more. I got a frantic three way call from difficult child about finding a place to go and his bail being increased due to none payment on his juvie stuff. I was very short and said I really can do nothing here from the hospital.

I have to go back tuesday for surgery unless I am worse over the weekend and go sooner.

I don't know what I am supposed to be learning from all of this. It is true if you don't take the time to slow down and handle all that is going on, you can be stopped in your tracks...

I will have at the least a two week recovery, no riding for mths, I have to close my shop, no income from me :nonono:

Hopefully I will feel well enough to come here


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You know, I did wonder why we hadn't seen your posts lately, Traci. I thought I had missed the posts after the projected Sunday visit with your son. I think I thought ( :blush: ) you must be doing really well and would catch us up when you could.

There was a news report here about a rodeo that came to town AND THE BLOND, BARREL RACING COWGIRL they brought with them.

She was just so cute! She made that pony wheel around those barrels so fast. And I said to myself "Why, that must be what HH does!"

So that wasn't you after all, then?!?

Well, shoot!

I'm glad you are home. I had not heard a thing about any hospitalization.

What happened?

Car accident on the way to see difficult child is the only thing I can think of.

I am so sorry you will not be able to ride for awhile.

I know how much that means to you.



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Glad you are at home, and you must have learned the "hard way" that the stress of difficult child can take a serious toll on your health....You do have to start thinking about yourself....hope your surgery goes well and you get your "spark" back.....

Shut off the phone and let him deal with your ex on his own.... You deserve a life too.....sending healing prayers......


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I am sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Glad you made difficult child fend for himself.

I hope you are better soon. Keep us updated. I hope the surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery.


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Thanks for the well wishes! I will post in the water cooler about the surgery.

I am going to see if I can get the strength to see him today.

His pod has not had visits when I have been able to go so I have not seen him since he was arrested, I have not seen him for a while because he was running before the arrest.

I will see how today goes...



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Traci, I am sorry you have been ill. be sure to let everyone know you cannot help as at this time you must take care of yourself.


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easy child wants to visit him today and I am going to try to make it there.

All I have to offer him is another treatment place with an open bed.

I am not sure why I feel I have to see him today, I do have many mixed emotions about it all....

I will see how it goes....