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  1. Sue C

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    Hi everyone,

    It's been a long time since I've come to the Board. Some of you "oldies" might like an update.

    Angela just turned 28 years old. She's been married 6 years already and works as an assistant fashion designer. She's a career woman all the way. No plans of having kids at the moment. She's doing great!

    Melissa turned 22 in October. She's still very immature for her age; she has the maturity of about an 18 year old. After quitting her grocery cashier job and not working for a few months, she's been working now as a receptionist at a racquetball and health club. She seems to like the job.

    She is signed up at the local technical college for the EMT-Basic course in January. We're hoping she sticks with it. However, she made a negative comment today about how when she's an EMT, she will have to be on call and work holidays.

    She had a boyfriend after Brandon; he was a real loser. Thankfully, that only lasted a few months. She recently met a sleezy, liar from MySpace who came over to our house. She hung around with him for about a week. I swear he was the Devil because she acted so evil that week. He left town and she calmed down. She has a new guy friend (not boyfriend) and still sees Brandon whenever HE wants to see her.

    She's still living at home. As long as she acts decent towards us, we're allowing her to stay here. She cannot afford an apartment on $7/hour salary, and her friends already have roommates or are married.

    On a personal note, I have basal cell skin cancer on my nose and am scheduled for surgery on 1/29.

    I apologize for not coming on the Board, but it reminds me of the most awful years with Melissa and I end up reliving them in my mind. It was bad enough going through them once. But I still think of everyone and their difficult child's and hope all is well. I will try to stop in more often.

  2. Hound dog

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    Hi Sue!!!

    I'm so glad to popped in for an update! (I hope you do it more often)

    It's nice to hear that Angela is doing so well. I'm sure you're really proud of her.

    Funny you mentioned the EMT with Melissa, my youngest difficult child Nichole(now 18!) is just beginning the EMT courses too. Now how's that for coincidence? lol

    Hopefully Melissa finds the EMT training exciting once she's in it and does well. I'll say a prayer and keep my fingers crossed for her. (as well as for Nichole)

    I'm sorry you need to have surgery. I hope it goes well for you.

    Many warm ((hugs))
  3. rita

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    Hey there Sue. wow glad to read the update
    6 Year already!!!!! Angela great, glad she is working so hard and doing so well.
    Melissa sounds about right for a difficult child LOL I find they lag on thier development by about 4 years (personal maturity) J now acts about 20 sigh.
    Keep on Sue they will get there. peace rita
  4. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Thanks for the update Sue. Sounds like your life may be working towards "normal", what ever that is..... Still watching for Angela on Project Runway! Melissa could be dating my son, except he is presently in jail....

    Hope the surgery goes well and there are no complications to slow your recovery. It's good to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!

    :blizzard: :cold:
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    How nice to see you again. Sorry to hear you will be dealing with surgery soon.
    I'm glad to hear Angela is doing so well from the days when she was raving and giving you so much grief.
    Hopefully Melissa will grow up too. At the very least she is working. Good for you.

    It is hard to relive those years but think of all the new members who could benefit from your experiences and wisdom. You could be of help to them as all those old time members were a support and help to you not so long ago.

    It's lovely to see such a good update on Angela and it's always nice to hear from you.
  6. DDD

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    Wow, your life "almost", lol, sounds normal. I'm delighed to read the update and know that things have vastly improved. You
    sure used to have your hands full. Don't forget us. DDD
  7. KFld

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    Good to hear from you and I am also glad your life sounds somewhat normal. I can see how coming here reminds you of all the stuff you went through with difficult child and how that could be difficult for you. We do like an update once in awhile though, so if you can't come often, come when you can.

    Hope you all have a healthy happy holiday season!!
  8. Sue C

    Sue C Active Member

    Lisa -- That is a coincidence that your daughter is also taking the EMT course. How does she like it so far? Melissa had made the comment about how if she becomes an EMT she will have to be on call and work holidays. I'm afraid that interprets to mean she might not finish the course (or even start it in January!). It does seem like it would be a good fit for Melissa. She is compassionate and likes helping people. She likes driving fast.....she races at a drag strip and is pretty good at it. She's won 4 trophies in the Ladies' Bracket Racing there.

    Rita -- Good to see you. Sometimes I am still amazed at how well Angela turned out. I am looking forward to the day that Melissa matures. Hopefully. Want to here something funny? Every time I see a woodpile, I think of how you made J move a woodpile back and forth and it makes me smile.

    WhymeMom -- Angela tried out the one time for Project Runway but does not care to try out again. I was proud of her for trying. It sure would have been neat to see her on TV. She's kind of into herself right now, so she probably would have been one of those "I'm so good" designers. haha Thanks for the well wishes on my surgery. I'm so happy it's basal cell skin cancer and not melanoma!

    Fran -- Thanks for your well wishes. Angela & Rick go to clubs sometimes because he is a DJ (techno music), but I think raves are a thing of the past. husband and I were just laughing yesterday about how Angela used to wear the HUGEST baggie flare-legged jeans and how she said she was going to wear them forever. Now she dresses so fashionably it's like she's ready for a photo shoot every time you see her. Yes, Melissa is working. We hope she hangs onto this job. She does not have a good track record. I know I received a lot of support and help over the years. Many times I feel so inadequate in offering help to others because I keep making the same mistakes over and over (like not learning to detach--still having some trouble with that). I will try to stop in more often, though, and respond to others.

    DDD -- You hit the nail on the head when you said my life is "ALMOST normal." haha We're not quite there yet and it will be awhile with Melissa. But thank God Angela turned around.

    Karen -- Thanks for understanding. You know, every day I have to drive past a huge tree on a bend in the road where I many times felt like just driving my car right into it and ending it right then and there (Melissa would be in the car when I had those feelings). I am not kidding. It hurts to drive past that tree every day. The past hurts, but I will stop in here more often.

    Love you all,
  9. Abbey

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    28???? :smile:

    My, how time flies. I can't believe she is that old. Glad things are working for her.

    Don't be a stranger!!

  10. Hound dog

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    So far Nichole likes it okay. But then she hasn't gotten into the tough stuff yet. lol She wants to go all the way to paramedic.

    The plus side to this career is that you can start working pretty quickly even while advancing to higher levels. This gains the person more experience and confidence in the field to keep going. Which is my hope for Nichole. I'm afraid she doesn't have alot of patience for school. I doubt she could do a program where she'd sit in class for 2-3 yrs before being able to do it as a job.