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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Tiapet, Mar 28, 2012.

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    So the worker called me a little bit ago and I told her what was going on. The end result of the conversation:

    She had to go literally digging through the records to find where it was that this diagnosis was coming from on youngest difficult child. It wasn't there! Neither the old dr or the new had anything there nor written. Apparently what happened is the "intake worker" put something down, and she has no clue why as there is nothing even remotely noted about it in the records! She is contacting her supervisors' supervisor (who was in the room with me and youngest difficult child yesterday covering for his worker who was out due to a death in family for the last week and a half). He will take care of the intake worker situation and get that cleared up immediately! She was just as upset about it as I was and totally understood where I was coming from about the situation. She is also speaking with the dr and will get a new lab slip for the EKG that will not have that diagnosis on it, which I will then take to get done. As for the mood disorder, that did come in from the old dr but we're not sure why because that dr had said that in no way did he have that or any symptoms of it and even in the notes it stated that as well.

    As to middle difficult child and the combining of the 2 disorders (mood dis not otherwise specified and psychotic not otherwise specified) into making it BiPolar (BP), well, he spoke of it his notes but did not state he was going to classify it as BiPolar (BP) specifically. Just that he was going to combine it. The other things were minor but we did figure the puzzle all out.

    I feel a heck of a lot better now. Vindicated that I was right and it will get fixed and cleared up. Thanks for listening and supporting yesterday ladies. I put in a very rough night over it.
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    Sometimes we need those hugs even more "after" it's over... it can be SO draining!
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    That is so true IC! I think those kinds of emotional things are far more exhausting than physical tiredness/business. I am thrilled that it was just a goof. Good for you for paying such close attention and making sure they had it all right. Those kinds of things can really bias people, shouldn't but they do.....

    Way To Go and HUGS (plus a warm bubble bath to relax, maybe?)....
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    Good work with your clarity and tenacity! Yes, I agree with the others, now that it's over you can relax and take in these hugs we're sending you, it is monumentally exhausting to have to stay so alert and focused. Go have a massage, get a manicure and a pedicure, have a nice dinner out, whatever makes you smile and relax and brings you comfort. Good job.
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    Thank you all, I really appreciate it. I actually had a very nice extended conversation this afternoon with her when she came to the house. I learned a whole lot more about the agency as well and I believe how she feels personally about me, which was nice (have only known her since Feb and we will part ways by end of May). I'm just enjoying this fine spring day of sun and warmth with the windows open. The whole day turned out well for a change. Good new dr for oldest too and a medication change. All good. I'd say I feel like I hit the lottery. lol Though wait until evening when the younger difficult child's kick in with what ever koi they'll be throwing true to form for the night times. Ah, I don't care. Score one for a warrior mom this time.:hi5: