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    First (but not most important), boss came into working reallly bragging on the bag of little gifts I'd gotten for them and his baby. It really made me feel good although, honestly, these were things most parents learn about but I guess they hadn't rec'd most from other people already (probably because they tend to act like they know everything already). So boss is real happy with me, at least this week, and coworkers backed off their "HOLIER THAN THOU" attitude and acting like they had a monopoly on boss a little.

    Second, I had 1-2 more resumes sent to a selection committee for a job- still no interviews requested though. I still haven't heard any news, good or bad, about the first ones sent.

    Third, I might have mentioned that I wanted to get a couple of different attny's opinions re difficult child and PO and what jurisdiction to move to. I saw an attny today for a consultation and I might start a thread in General giving more specific details that possibly could help other parents someday, but right now, all I can say is I feel better to know experienced attnys already know exactly the BS being given and ordered to parents when their kids are in the juvie system. The bad news is that this apparently is typical, at least in this state. But, this attny did tell me a couple of things that I can fight in court and a couple of things that the previous jurisdiction was telling me that was complete BS. It was similar to the first time I ever talked to a Special Education attny and learned what lengths the sd was going to in order to manipulate me and not give my son adequate services. Of course, if I purssue it comes with a high price tag.

    I think I am going to see if I can find an attny willing to check into if any federal laws were broken and see if they'd be willing to take the state to court, with the fee based on a percentage of whatever was won. It might be a slim to none chance but again, what do I have to lose at this point?