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    Aggghhh. A week ago we had our bathroom floor replaced. We took the toilet out a week ago Sunday. The subfloor had to be replaced. Once that was tore out there were rotten and moldy spots on the plywood floor, those had to be replaced. Had to purchase felt to put down since that felt was rotten. Had to purchase a new toilet cause ours had been leaking for about a year.

    I did my homework on toilets. I bought the biggest trapway, biggest flush valve (difficult child plugs would plug it up very often. Not anymore, I have flush power!!!) And I am tall, 6'...So I purhased a 17" high toilet (before the seat). I think difficult child's feet dangle. LOL He'll have to grow into it.

    The water input line had the old valve soldiered on. Had a plumber come and give an estimate. $102 to shut off the water and purge the lines, $188 for the valve, and $388 to install the new toilet !!!!!

    I called the man who did our floor(neighbor) He lives with his dad. His dad is a retired plumber. I asked him what he would charge. We had bought the $6 valve. He said $40. I was speechless.

    We are getting new carpet too. Been 14 years. Old was gross. Tore it out and you could see every spot the dogs barfed. The pad just fell apart. But I have beautiful hard wood floors under there. So for the past ten days we had the hardwood. I really like it. But the carpet has been purchased. They are suppose to install today. Hope they remember. We moved everything out. Kitchen is holding the couch and TV. Other rooms with the rest.

    I am just waiting for them to arrive now.
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    Wow. Sounds exciting. That is one tall toilet, gives a new meaning to sitting on the throne. I am glad you got your neighbor to help, he gets some cash and you save a lot. That just cannot be better.