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    So I went to the Neurologist, and he is sending me for an MRI and MRA of my brain, an EEG, and a MRI of my C-Spine. He doesn't believe my feinting to be neurologically involved, but wants to double check. My cardiologist just extended my heart monitor another 30 days since I haven't had any 'episodes' wearing it this past 30. They both want me to have a tilt-table test done. So that's also on the upcoming list.

    As for difficult child 2 -Neuro-psychiatric results came back as inconclusive. They are saying that he has a 'Disruptive Behavior Disorder -not otherwise specified', and that he should be re-evaluated in another year to see if anything else shows up. They couldn't answer my question as to whether he is showing signs of being like his older brother (ADHD and ODD), or if he was just mimicking his behavior. He does recommend therapies since they won't hurt anything, and difficult child 2's IQ scores were towards the lower end of the scale, but not to put too much on it since he is only 2.

    So that's where I stand right now. Been trying to stay off of the computer and keep myself from over-thinking everything that's going on. Especially since husband is looking at having to have a surgery that will take at least 1 year to recover from (it's for sleep apnea, and they're talking about breaking his jaw to re-set it, as well as taking out his tonsils, adenoids, and drilling his sinus cavities.)

    At the very least difficult child 1 is doing good. :) So there's a positive.

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    (((DS3))) Thank you for the update; I was wondering how things were going. Please keep us in the loop.
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    Thanks. I'm debating if I need to go to the docs today. Trying to decipher if I'm actually getting sick, or if my asthma is acting up. Feels like its in my chest though. So I dunno. Just don't feel like going out of the house at the moment...
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    Call the doctor and get their opinion, they'll let you know if they think you should be seen.
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    I dont know if you are like me but I think it is harder for me to have questions like you have hanging out there... I dont even have asthma but that would make my chest tight....all the loose ends...

    Would be time for me to work on my stress management which sounds so trite but I am really honestly using those deep breathing, forcing my thoughts to change, writing things out, etc... things.

    for your little one, I think it could be good news that there is not anything definitive...maybe supports your instinct that some of this is imitative so what can be done to have him with more models outside of difficult child? Did you do an Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation? That is something neuropsychologist would not fully be able to assess, along with more subtle language challenges... I can't remember if you did the Occupational Therapist (OT)/Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) part or if you wanted to (signature said sensory processing disorder (SPD)?).

    i am glad you have not had episodes...but at the same time it is that old unanswered question out there then... bummer. Maybe the tilt test will help.

    I did that but of course I didn't have the issue at that time. So, no answers. Now I know every time I get a little congested I get this tipping sensation..... and I can hear the sound of it like maracas shaking along with each tip in my vision.... I dont fall just feels like a tip to the side over and over for about ten seconds.... Tilt test is not a big deal at all.

    Well, if nothing else... heart monitor is saying you are still with us and that is a GREAT thing, smile! I think the idea of just being proactive given your other son's issues is great, then you dont have to be worried you have missed opportunities!

    Keep up the good fight, so nice you updated us.

    Thinking of you.............
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    Boy you all need a break from reality! I hope eveyone sees improvement soon!
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Thanks for the update.......

    As far as the breaking jaw thing? FROZEN PEAS......stock up! been there done that - not as bad as it sounds really. And if you want I think I may still have the blender book around here....lol. Get a good blender. A RRRREALLY good blender. Take care of you - and GET THE doctor on the phone......stop wondering!

    Hugs & Love
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    Ditto the call the doctor advice.

    Thanks for updating. Been wondering how it's been going and if they found anything. FYI as far as the heart monitor thing goes........well, symptoms tend to vanish when you put one on and wear it a while, at least for everyone I've ever know that has had it done. I've had people actually tell me they'd keep wearing the thing if the doctor would let them. Jokingly of course. lol

    I know it's not easy, but do take care of yourself. If you're not up to snuff it just makes everything else seem that much worse.

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    So I ended up calling the doctor. Turned out to have pneumonia. Had to have a shot of steroids, and a lot of extra medications to kick it. But I am finally feeling better. Even managed to have a good weekend with the family for my birthday.

    So difficult child came home from school on Friday with a note that says he can't seem to focus on his work. So psychiatric is adding a small dose of adderall to his XR in the morning to help it kick in. Will be interesting to see what his ABA says today.

    And other then that, not a whole lot is new. Still trying to figure out what's going on with me, and have to call and reschedule everything I cancelled last week. ~sigh~ I'm still awefully tired, so am hoping not to over-book too much. Wish me luck!

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    Star* call 911........call 911

    ABsolutely wish you the best!
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    Good luck, glad to see you're feeling better.