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    So, now that husband is back to work, I have more online time! YAY! Well, it'll be give or take I suppose. Most of my free time has been working on a new line of Jewelry that I've been asked to design (and now cannot keep in stock). It's my Autism Awareness Line. I have this big event on Friday where I've been asked to display my pieces (of which I'm still waiting on more charms to come in), and between appointments, taking care of the house, and what not, I've managed to get quite a few new pieces together. All that's left is creating my display's and creating an order form for the items (Since I don't have enough to be able to put any 'on hand', it'll have to be by order only). I'm hoping for the best.

    They (the organization the suggested the idea and is getting half of the profit from each sale) also suggested I keep on doing awareness jewelry for the different months as they arrive. So they suggested Williams Syndrome for this month. I have yet to decide if I am taking it on. I am only one person after all. And what had started out as fun, has turned more into a stressful chore. LOL. We shall see. husband says I'm trying to do too much at once, and after this week, I do think I'll follow his advice and allow for more 'me' time when its available.

    difficult child's are doing really well. I don't know if it's the therapies, or if it was their father being home, but we've seen a lot of improvement in both. difficult child 1 just turned 5 this past weekend and we had a great little party for him.

    Other then that, not a whole lot else is new. Once I get pictures of my pieces, I'd love to share and get some feedback on them from you guys.
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    DS3, I would love to see some of the pieces! I'm sure others would also - please do post them when you can.

    I'm glad your husband being around has helped and the birthday party sounds fun. Enjoying what you do is a blessing...turning it into a chore is not. Be sure to find a balance you can live with without becoming overwhelmed and if that means declining the organization's request, so be it. You have to take care of YOU first. Hugs~
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    Glad things are going fairly well for your household. I agree with husband, do what you love to do for YOU and leave it at that. Slow and steady is better than running to exhaustion. Many things sound great but aren't practical in the long run. Another example of pick your battles but in this case it can be pick your task.
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    Wow, you are busy! Glad husband is home and difficult child is doing well. Happy belated birthday to our little board nephew!!!!
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    I love to hear that happiness in your voice. COngrats on your orders! NOW THAT sounds inspirational!
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    It definitely has been keeping me busy. I'll have to post some pictures whenever my phone decides to email them to me. LOL!!!

    I finally got all of the pieces together and the display's set up. Tomorrow will be doing up the order forms and 'master list'. That in itself is a task. And here I thought 30 pieces on display was hard... then add in the different types of chain (6), the different puzzle pieces (3), the different colors (2), styles (4), sizes (4), and the different items (earrings, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, purse charms), and I have myself a boat load of typing to do tomorrow... LOL. At least my hands will have a rest from the pliers. I got blisters forming today... Yep. Time for a break.

    And yeah... Since this has turned into something so big, I'll probably stick with Autism Awareness for now. Eventually I'd like to get into Domestic Violence Awareness, Cancer Awareness, and Mental Health Awareness, but it will have to wait. On top of that, I have my own idea for a 'Raw' collection, and I have my semi-precious gemstones that have been put on hold since I got over-whelmed with Autism Awareness. I would prefer to keep it as more of an 'online' thing, but I couldn't deny the free publicity of being at this event on Friday. We shall see how it goes.

    But yeah, I'll post some pics once I get them in my email, and will hopefully be able to 'hover' around more on the site. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it. Missed you guys!

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    D3 have you thought of, or do you post on Etsy? Congratulations on things going well! :)
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    I started out on Yardsellr, and Style.ly. I tried Etsy for about a month but Didn't get any sales or traffic. Plus it was a pain in the bottom because if I sold something on yardsellr, then I would have to go into etsy and delete it. So I basically canceled the account there. The one thing I really like about Yardsellr is that it is linked with Style.ly, it gives you $5 free when you join, and it's linked with my facebook page. I would give you guys a link to my site, but my store front is called "Designs by (my real name)." So... Can't really do that. I plan to eventually have my own website (when I can sit down and actually create it. After all that is what my degree is in...) and will probably re-name it to something else.

    Anywho, off to get the kiddos ready for school then home to start the paperwork and see who does copies real cheap. Cause there's no way my printer will handle everything... LOL.
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    Do I have to link to a site to post pics? Or is there any other way to upload pics? Cause if I link to my site, or my FB, it'll give my name... ~ponders~
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    Try creating a photobucket account with an anonymous name. :)
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    Glad you are doing well.
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    I'll try that this weekend. Thanks for the advice! Today's the big day, and I'm a bit nervous. Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Alright, so I apologize again. My order of support charms came in, and I've just finished filling orders. Now that that is out of the way, I can see about a photobucket account and then I can show all of you what I've been up to. Will have to wait a couple of days though. Taking the kiddos and the dog to the park, and who knows what else today.

    by the way, My dog had a seizure the other night, her glucose got too low. husband came to wake me up saying "I think your dog is dying", and of course I went downstairs, recognized the signs, gave her some karo, and then some treats when she stabilized, and told hubby to go back to bed (It was 130 in the morning). Took her to the vets and we're adjusting the insulin as needed. She's running a little high now (which is better then low...) but we're still taking everything I need just in case she drops from the excitement today at the park. Just am keeping a real close eye on her until we can get her re-regulated again on the insulin.
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    These are very pretty.
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    Thanks! I worked hard on them.

    So Monday's are my busy days now (taking care of the dog, two kids, ABA, Occupational Therapist (OT), dinner, you name it). And Tuesdays seem to be pretty relaxing right now. Took my pup to the park this morning with difficult child 2, and they both wore themselves out. Now it's off to make more Jewelry and enjoy my day.

    Everyone seems to be doing well Minus my pup. She had a seizure last week from low blood sugar, and we're still trying to re-stabilize her diabetes (and trying to get her to lose some weight.). So it's hit and miss with that. But if that's my biggest problem at the moment, I'm good. She's real easy to test her glucose, and she's a great dog.

    Hope everyone is doing well!