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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Yesterday I went to my pain doctor again and had another really good visit. I really think I have found a very good doctor there to have a good relationship. Unfortunately the man is fairly old so watch and see, he will retire on me...lol. But this is a clinic so there shouldnt be a problem, they have my files.

    This man is so very protective of me. I think maybe it is because I am one of the few patients who go in there asking for the lowest dose of pain medication possible. LOL. Yesterday he insisted on raising my medications to 30 mgs twice a day and I really balked...asking him if he thought maybe we should go for 30 at night and 15 in the morning because I was afraid of being sedated. He just chuckled and said there was no way I would be sedated at 30 mgs. He said the average dose for a normal weight adult is 100 mgs twice a day so I had no worries.

    We also decided to try something new that has just come out on the market in the US. Its called Voltaren Gel. I had asked him about it because I got a flyer in the mail from some arthritis group I belong to but evidently the pharm guys had also hit up the doctor offices too because he had a bunch of samples and he gave me a bunch of sample tubes to try. That was nice of him. You just rub the stuff on to the effected joint (like the knee, ankle, hands, elbows, wrists, elbow) and then it is supposed to help. It isnt like bengay because it is actually a NSAID instead of just menthol. I gave a tube to Cory to try since he doesnt have anything to take. I rubbed it in my knees last night and I think I feel a bit better this morning and my hands didnt wake up clenched. I hope it helps.
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    husband uses voltaren gel, actually it has been around for awhile. It does help husband, but we have to be careful as to how much we use as he is also on celebrex and they both can cause gi upset. They make a patch version of voltaren get, it is call Flector. husband did not like it as much, but I have heard good thing about it being used on knees. Voltaren also comes in a pill form, but they do not use it often that way due to the gi upset risk.

    Hope it helps.
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    I didnt know it had been around awhile. I knew that it was in Canada under another name but I looked online for it and couldnt find it here...hmm. I just got the flyer two weeks ago. They must be doing a huge push with the doctors right now.

    I dont take celebrex but I take ketoprofen daily. I dont tend to have stomach issues though thankfully. Why, who knows considering how many medications I ingest each day...lol.

    I do have to admit that I woke up this morning and I feel a bit better! Maybe this doctor is onto something about me being completely under medicated.
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    doctor IS on to something about you being under medicated.

    When you're in pain human nature is to protect and not use the area. While you may fight through that and use it anyway, pain levels will prevent you from using it at near normal levels as possible. When that area is a joint that is a bad thing. The more you move it the better. That whole you don't use it you lose it thing is huge with joints.

    husband's grandfather had the most horrid gawd awful arthritis in his hips. He was an ex gymnast. In his late 80's and 90's the man was braving incredible pain levels to do his daily 2 walks of several miles each day with two canes to keep him upright. He swore he'd never be in a wheelchair, and to hear mother in law talk he never was. She inherited the same hip issues. She did well for years. But in her mid late 80's I couldn't convince her to go for real pain relief. She couldn't push past the pain to keep her level of activity up. It was a very short time that she became seditary, then when she did have to move the pain was so over the top....seriously I don't know how she managed at home as long as she did. Once we got her into assisted living and on adequate pain medications she was moving in ways I hadn't seen in YEARS. Her days weren't filled with agony. Toward the end the pain medications had to be upped finally to a level where it started affecting her thinking.....but once she found pain relief even on some level she couldn't go back to the way it was before.

    I understand the worry that if you take too high doses now it might not help later.....but with a pain doctor you shouldn't have that issue.
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    Fingers crossed, Janet. Sounds encouraging. Hugs DDD