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    doctor decided that, since I had noticed some improvement on the Abilify, that we would try upping it to 10 mg and go back in three weeks. She told me that, since the Effexor seemed to be working, that switching medications right now might not be a good thing until I'd exhausted the Abilify experiment. OK. No bone density scan yet, insurance won't cover it. OK on the calcium and B-12.

    She also doesn't think I have fibro because I don't hurt all over all the time. True or false? She didn't do the trigger point thing because...

    I have a virus and am sicker than a big dog...my hair even hurts right now. The chest aches and coughing are the worst. I'm grateful I don't have the tummy troubles along with this one.

    Miss KT will be home next Tuesday evening. Hope I'm well before then.
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    Fibro moves around - tends to go in quadrant like sections. I don't have muscle pain/aching just for the sake of it. It just hurts like hell when someone touches me. I'll get bruised feeling from using the shower puff or scratching my arm, etc. When my neuro did the trigger point check the last time, it hurt quite a bit and one place felt bruised (not looked bruised) for 3 days. From one touch. When I do have the muscle pain/aching it's in my thighs and buttocks, and only when there is a significant change in the barometric pressure.

    I have tendonitis and bursitis in multiple areas that hurt just for the sake of it. But the fibro doesn't hurt without touching. That's me, and that's why it's been on and off my medical records. You do not have to hurt all over all the time. It is known to ebb and flow.
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    My fibro is a dear old friend...lol. I actually have trigger points where they arent supposed to be and some where they are supposed to be arent there. Weird huh. The place that a tee shirt would hit on your upper arm? I am in agony constantly there if someone so much as even lightly touches me there...and do you know how many times people touch you there? A lot! Tony cant even hug me anymore. Speaking of hugs, which leads to...well...I have what I would consider trigger points there but exactly what doctor am I gonna let poke me there?!?!? It has greatly impacted things.

    Yeah my fibro moves from one area to another and I also have to figure out what is what...fibro, arthritis, tired from medications, moodiness from bipolar, etc.
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    On bone density scans, we have an annual health fair here that does those for free. Check around your area and ask, you might find something similar. Ask at the nursing homes, since they have the clientele that would most need those scans.
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    Janet, I have that same area in my upper arms. I had that for years before I had the trigger points. That's where my ex used to always grab me. And I have a very hard time getting numb for dental work, especially on the right side. That's the side that always got hit, and I've had more than one dentist tell me that's probably the reason.