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    I have a BIG CHALLENGE. My daughter has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)/not otherwise specified. However, we now have her taking seraquel. She was taking respiradone. Both of these are mood stabilizers. She goes to a school in Washington state and is in the autism classroom. She has had many violent incidences, one of which got her suspended because she kicked a teacher without provacation. Today, she kicked an aide and had to be restrained. My husband had to leave a meeting, which was very important. I AM VERY AFRAID she will be expelled. Please help. What are our options? :anxious:
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    My son is dxd. with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified.

    First off, does she have an IEP?

    Secondly, have you ever paid a surprise visit to the autism classroom? I ask because my sister is an aide at one. She says it is HORRIBLE unless a parent is around (and they make sure they know if a parent will be there). I am shocked at the horrific tactics they use for the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) children. Are you happy with the program?

    A child with an IEP should NOT be expelled. Do you have a parent Advocate? Do they try to force your daughter to do things she doesn't want to do or make her go in a "quiet room" or time out? in my opinion this agitates kids with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified.

    You may want to post on Special Education 101.
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    It's pretty frightening to think your child will be put out of her class room.
    The question should be "what does she need?" "Why is she acting out" "how are things being handled?"
    Do you belong to any support groups that may have some educational advocates to guide you through the system?
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    Welcome, sorry you needed to find us but you will find much support here. I would be surprised if she ended up expelled for this. At least where I live that would not happen. If your daughter has an IEP does she have a BIP (behavioral intervention plan)? If not she should have and FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment) done so they can do a BIP to help with her behavior issues.
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    For all of you thanks for the help. My daughter does have an IEP and has had one since she was three. I now know that she can't be expelled. I have a big hinderance because I don't have a license to drive, even if I did, we have only one vehicle. We had a real difficulty because my husband is really busy so I have to make a back up plan. My daughter did have a good day today.:satisfied: