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    I need any warrior moms near paris, tx area who can provide me with domestic violence resource information. The easier the access the better. PM me. This is a potentially life threatening situation to a very young mom of 3 who is a friend of my oldest difficult child.

    This is a new crisis.....

    (ok...this is 3 i'm done!) lol
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    I would imagine you can do the 411 thing and when they come on the line request that location then the DV shelter.

    Or you can look it up online. Just do a search for the DV shelter in that location.

    Fastest way for this young mother to get to DV is by calling the police if it's an emergency situation though.
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    We're rural and we're a small town, but even we have a DV shelter. This is how I found it for katie by the way. :)
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    I'm not recommending anything...this is the result of a web search.

    Shelter Agency
    615 9th Street Southwest
    Paris, TX - 75460

    Models of the Maker Women's Ministries
    PO Box 87
    Paris, TX - 75461
    (903) 783-0353

    Saafe House 24 Hour Crisis Lines
    (936) 291-3369
    (936) 327-2513
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    Thank you! I did do an internet search but the only one I had found was the safe house one (haven house?) and the website was kind of defunct. It lead to a lawyer website that didn't look to cool and linked again out to direct site but, like I said, was not there any longer. I did another search that pulled up a listing on general links for the state and found the county and came up with a couple more, though not some of the ones you found JJJ.

    She won't go to a shelter. I'm trying to get her resources and help. difficult child asked for my assistance because she's trying to help her and she know's I've been there done that to an extent and know what to do. I've advised all I can but I knew you ladies might have a better, more direct link to some information. She has an apartment but it is not safe for her to continue to stay there and I know it.

    Here is the story:

    difficult child went through high school with her. She is 21 and married for the 2nd time now in about 2-3 years I think. 2 of the kids she has is from the 1st father the 3rd is from this father. Dad #1 comes from a very rich family, which had kept her stuck in TX due to $ influence and ability to fight legally (they threatened her). She has no family there and her family is in AK but they are of no use and no good! She has a troubled past but she, herself is really a good person (other then being stupid enough to keep getting involved with guys and having kids- though she DOES have mirena implanted and STILL got pregnant! :( ) She is smart enough to be doing something with her life even with the kids and has been not only working but attending college. She has 1 more semester left to get her AS degree. This is another factor that is keeping her planted where she is and making her not want to leave plus it seems dad #1's family "might" be helping financially with school? Not sure if they are but they are helping out somehow financially.

    This current husband last evening went berserk and trashed the house, broke her phone, cell phone, laptop, computer, tv's, etc. He's been beating on her (and she hadn't been telling difficult child all this because she knows what she would have said to her) for some time now to. I'm not sure if she is pregnant or not still (with Mirena in again) difficult child said. She doesn't think she is but if she is, that's even worse! The police were called and he was taken away and arrested and is in jail. Will be there for 2-3 weeks from what I understand (this is why this is THE BEST TIME to get her away!) and she now has a PFA but we all know how they are not very effective sometimes either. She also learned of his doings that she didn't know of such as he's been involved in drive by shootings, etc. So this is why now I KNOW it's dangerous for her. If he can be doing that then there is NO stopping him when it comes to her. He's demonstrating his level of violence. I know TX is not particularly female friendly or rather mom friendly and since she has no family and no real support there either she needs to get out of dodge so to speak.

    difficult child told me does have an aunt here in our state less then an hour from us. THIS is a good thing! What difficult child would like to see happen, and I agree it may very well be a good thing, is to get her here to this state. Hopefully aunt will put her up until she can get herself into an apartment and on her feet. I realize she wants to stay and finish school but sometimes you need to prioritize and life comes first! There are state colleges here (which is what she is attending) and she can easily go. It's close by too, or she could go to any of the other ones too. Many to choose from. There are plenty of resources, it is not rural. If aunt won't put her up difficult child asked if she could "temporarily" stay with us. Now we do have an extra big room that could potentially be used for her and her kids if needed but I let difficult child know that it is FAR from ideal of a situation. The chaos that is in this house right now with everyone's issues is pretty bad. But in my mind and heart, if this saves someone's life, you better believe, I will do it in a heart beat! I know I can get her help. I understand not want going to a shelter, though I would try my best to get her into DV shelter or some other alternative housing. I know it's a lot on me in my current condition as well but...again, this is a life, children's lives too! The problem becomes her exh and the ability to leave the state with his kids and fighting the $ influence from his parents that keep her there as well as the legal issues. Isn't fear for you life enough? I don't know if it would be.

    I just want to get her talking to those TRAINED to handle this at the moment to help her and support her THERE in person to stay safe and rational and then be able to act. She knows she wants to move already, just not necessiraly out of TX. She's had another "guy" offer to move her out to CA lock stock and barrel and that is the LAST thing she needs!

    I know difficult child and her would end up room mates should she come here. It may be a good situation for both of them because they are both pretty intelligent and can play off each other's strengths and pick each other up when they are doing dumb things. It's the distance that has made them turn away and stop listening to each other's advise over the years. I think it would help my difficult child be able to also move forward in her life too as far as being responsible and moving out. THAT would be a BIG step!

    Thanks again for the information! :)
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    I will say a prayer that she and her children remain safe. Fortunately I have never had personal experience with this issue in my family but I am very well aware that NOW is the time she is in the most danger. Once the official trail of abuse is registered she really must get protection prior to his release. Fingers crossed that she can make that painful step forward. DDD
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    Keep us posted. She needs DV counseling. I hope the police are sending her to the right people. She needs to move as far away as she can, now, before he gets a court order to keep her and the kid there.