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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lordhelpme, May 31, 2007.

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    grrrrr! some yahoo's who hate the principle have started a petition to get rid of her on a petition website. as a list of grievence they have listed
    "She also recently told the parents of children that they had to attend xxxx Schools because they didn't want them at xxxx schools. that is a clear violation of the FAPE."

    this used to include 'pta pres 06/07's children' but it was removed after a phone call to several 'suspects' who of course all denied that they had anything to do with-the site.

    not only is this wrong info(wrong sd, i want him out of that school) but who the heck do they think they are using my private info?

    needless to say i am on the warpath big time!

  2. Sheila

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    That would be infuriating, but how do you know the comments pertain to you? Any chance another parent(s) has said the same type thing?
  3. lordhelpme

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    i know cuz i am the 'pta pres 06/07' that was written earlier but removed after my phone calls to the 2 people who claim they have nothing to do with-the site.

    not only that but in the last few days i have had 3 people come up and ask me "so 'difficult child' is going to xxxx schools next yr' and i wondered where people got that as he is going to another nearby sd.
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    that is horrid!
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    I would be none to happy. :grrr: