using eBay as discipline...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Aug 30, 2007.

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    SRL posted this link last week - it is a hoot! You should check out the mom's blog.

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    6 kids! Nope, not me! Thank goodness!
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    I missed SRL's post last week - I was as sick as a dog, I've not been around as much as usual.

    Just goes to show - great minds, eh?

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    I love it! Yes, she is indeed a writer. And she doesn't have to wait to be famous one day. She already is!
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    OMG! That was the best ebay listing EVER! See? Now, if everyone just had a fantastic story like that with their product, they'd surely get better business.

    Thanks for pointing it out! That was magnificent! :laugh:
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    Well, it's right up there with-one I saw a few yrs ago where someone was selling her Barbie doll. She wrote this huge saga about Barbie having a mid-life crisis, and ran photos to match the story. It was absolutely hysterical. She's got the 1st photo with-Barbie looking normal, in a convertible with-Ken, in the old days when everyone was happy. In one she's got red rouge all over Barbie's cheeks, and singed her hair with-a match, to show a hotflash.
    Then she's got cellulite all over Barbie's thighs (I don't know what it was made out of.) In another photo, she's got Ken "talking" to Barbie and they're not getting along, and Barbie is holding a bottle of booze and her hair is sticking out all over ... because Ken confesses he's actually gay.
    It sold for over $1,000!
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    I didn't see it the first time it was posted. So, I'm glad it got a second running.

    Absolutely Hysterical!
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    This is why I move heaven & earth to ensure that Duckie does not come to the grocery store with me.
    One difficult child can easily equal six easy child's. :smile:
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    omg that was the funniest thing! and i about peed my pants reading her blog. i am def putting it in my favorites to go back and read her daily antics.
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    Me, too! That was hilarious- she obviously has found her niche to keep her sanity!!