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    We visited easy child in VA where she's doing an externship. She looked so great and I just could not stop hugging her! I'm so happy that she's doing what she loves, is still focused and is so darned capable. Wow - she is just so capable...that's the perfect word. We had a nice couple of days, went on a dolphin watch boat which was a blast and we visited Busch Gardens. I have to say here that I could have passed on the BG; I'm not much of a fan of amusement parks or their crowds, but the concensus won out and off we went! H and the girlies had a fun time so it was worth bearing the intense heat (how do you virginians stand it?), Anyway, I hated to leave her but we'll see her in 2 months so I will hang on till then.

    Then we went to WV and visited my sister and difficult child, H and I went white water rafting at my nephews business there (the original white water rafting company!) and that of course was a blast! While we were there, they had a big band and BBQ and all the campers were out and having fun. difficult child, of course, attracted the attention of every loser within 10 miles, but her cousin put her to work so she was kept busy and out of arm's reach for the most part. She did meet one nice enough young feller (haha) and invited him to the shindig the following night but he never showed. I could see she was clearly disappointed; I was relieved. Anyway, that was also a fun part of our vaca.

    Now we're back and her college classes have begun and H and I are back at work. We picked up my mom on the way home in PA and she's staying with us for 3 weeks to celebrate her birthday later this month. Fun city. She completely destroyed my bathroom yesterday and it took me an hour to clean it all up - too much information, I know. But I am still blown away by how much work it can be having an elderly parent live with you even if it is temporary.

    Well, here is a link to some photos if you're interested.
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    glad you had a good vacation. Virginia can definately get a little steamy in the summer months. That's why I spend a lot of time at Virginia Beach!!! My easy child loves BG and gets a season pass every year. Her best bud's grandma lives in Gloucester on the river and they spend a lot of time there in the summer - BG is only 20 minutes away so they go in the evenings when it's a tad cooler.

    Is your daughter at W&M or was she just doing an internship in Va? I enjoyed the pics - your daughters are gorgeous and the pups adorable!

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    Aw thanks about the pics. My easy child is doing an extern as a pastry chef at Kingsmill resort and spa. She attends college at Culinary Institute of America up in Hyde Park NY normally, but this is a required 8 month stint and will end in late October. She's living with her aunt (exh's side) in Virginia Beach and commutes each day. She likes VA, but she's not so thrilled with Kingsmill.

    The W&M campus is gorgeous - I loved walking around over there. We were there the week it opened up again so it was jam packed with students. And the little town right there was having an Air Force Band concert so that was really thrilling also. Fun.
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    When my folks moved back north after living in Boca Raton Florida for a few years, they built the first single level home in Kingsmill! Can't recall them ever mentioning eating at the resort/club.

    At least she's close to my favorite place - the ocean. My brother attended culinary school in New York - Paul Smith Institute in Lake Placid. I believe, at that time in the 80's, they had two majors, culinary arts and forestry!

    If you come down to pick her up, walk Williamsburg again in the fall, it's lovely.

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    Your girls are gorgeous...
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    Glad the vaca. was good! Your girls are beautiful!