Vacation Is On The Horizon - Trying To Get Excited


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difficult child took his last final yesterday. easy child has a half day today. Tomorrow we leave for an eight day vacation in Florida. My in-laws are meeting us down there (father in law won't fly, so they're leaving today to drive down). I'm always a little depressed at the start of summer vacation because the thought of being home ALL THE TIME with difficult child is overwhelming. Add into that the vacation that I really don't want to go on, and it's a struggle.

The good thing is that difficult child agreed to join a bowling league, which starts tonight. At least it's something for him to do.


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I look forward to summer every year because I don't have to work but I also worry about being home with easy child/difficult child all day every day. Usually by the time August comes around I'm ready to go back to work, but I don't go back until September. So I feel for you. Summers can be tough, but that is great that your difficult child joined a bowling league. I have tried for years to get my kids involved in activities. I have tried swimming lessons, soccer, and baseball. They hated every bit of it. They insist there's nothing the are interested in trying anymore. So I gave up and am saving some money. It's wonderful that you could get your son involved in an activity. Of course I know it won't take up all of his time, but at least he has something. Best of luck to you and I hope you can enjoy that vacation.


It would be a lonnnnggg summer for me if my kids didn't go to camp. Is camp an option for you? I hope your vacation goes smoothly!


Vacations with a difficult child are hard. It is no vacation for me most of the time. I've started refusing to go unless my extended family provide backup. There have been times I stay home and times that we've gone. Take some time for yourself afterwards.


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I haven't had a vacation since 1995. I look forward to summer because I can actually focus on my job and get my cases in order without having to oversee hw every night.

Bowling league sounds great. Baby boy is talking about joining the bowling team in hs so I'm going to look for a league.