Valentines day plans. Any?

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:gifts:Hubby and I exchange cards and that's about it. Oh, and chocolate, let's not forget the chocolate :hypnotized:


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The plan is to go out to dinner on Friday, because Valentine's Day itself will be just too crowded, and I don't wait well. Sundays are usually lazy days for us anyway. No roses; I don't have anywhere to put them that the panther boys won't knock over the vase, but I am hoping for some See's vanilla nut caramels. Yum.


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My holidays are not days, they are weekends.

This has always been my rule. It's not a birthday, it's a birthday weekend.

Tonight we are having family night with a movie and games and my stew in the crock pot and my 'famous' sticky buns.

Saturday we have some houses to look at (thinking of moving so as to get away from the ridiculous property taxes we pay in this town, and getting s******* in return).

Then we will be eating out for lunch and back for the real fun.

The three of us will be doing some deep cleaning on Saturday and Sunday. Hubby will steam clean the couches and carpet and daughter will help me with dusting, wiping the walls, door knobs, light switches, cleaning the hall closet, straightening out the kitchen cabinets, and a few other things.

Sunday night we will probably get pizza and a movie and when daughter goes to bed we will be watching Walking Dead! Who's with me on this? It's being called The Valentines Day Massacre.


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Well, I don't date or anything like that, so there will be no romance for me, which I'm fine with.

I do know that I will be eating curried lamb stew made in the pressure cooker (25 minute cook time) as I'm making that tomorrow.

Unfortunately, being diabetic these days, the old ritual of stocking up on candy the day after when it all goes on sale has fallen by the wayside.


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Let's see... Tonight, Rose and I will be working on footprint Valentines for the grandparents and great-grandma. Tomorrow I have a counseling session in the morning and then will be delivering said Valentines. Sunday... Bill and I are going to see Deadpool! Rose is hanging out with a little friend at his house, with his Mommy and baby brother.

Monday I have off, too. I think we'll sleep in.


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No Valentine's plans for us. My boyfriend is still in Nebraska, so we will probably just do a video chat on Valentine's Day. My son will be going to his dad's this weekend, so it will just be my daughter and I Sunday afternoon. We will be going to church with my mom, and out to lunch after.

My boyfriend is sending me a gift in the mail, but says it probably won't arrive till after Valentine's day. I can't wait. He is a pretty good gift giver. For my birthday he sent me some Bath and Body Works stress relieving bubble bath and bath beads. I still have some and it really does help with stress and anxiety. He has recently asked me for my ring size, so maybe I will be getting a ring?

Whatever I get, I will be happy. As you all know, my last boyfriend never once in the three and a half years we were together, gave me any birthday or Valentine's gifts. I think I deserve to be recognized now and again. Oh, and we have all week off next week for President's recess. That's 9 days of no phone calls! I am going to enjoy my time off and try my hardest not to think about coming back to work!


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Hubby and I are away camping for the weekend. :) I am waiting excitedly for my daughter to call after the flowers are delivered!! This man is courting her the old fashioned way and I love it! It is like watching a love story unfold...she is home baking valentine cookies with Connor. Hubby and I will go out to dinner tonight, snuggle whole watching a movie and then back home tomorrow for filets and asparagus! No candy for me either unless it is 85% chocolate... :( I miss it sometimes...


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Cb, so happy happy happy for you. boyfriend sounds great!
Patriots girl, it just gets better and better, doesnt it? Happy for you, your courageous and lovely daughter and your sweet grandson too!!


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I have to admit, I was waiting to hear about her flowers too!

...Bill came through, too. I got flowers and a small box of chocolates... I did NOT expect them!

Oh, and Deadpool was GREAT! But - NOT for kids.


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From what I'd heard about 'Deadpool", I'd already made up my mind not to see it.

Sounded like it would be way too violent for me. I don't care about the language, sex, or nudity.


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I'm glad you and Bill enjoyed it. I gave up on Game of Thrones midway through last season when it got to the point where they were throwing in a rape scene whenever they felt the plot was lagging. Utterly gratuitous and nothing to do with the plot.

Good thing I'd read the books first, though right now, the series is drawing even with the books, and will pull ahead of them this season.