Valentine's Day -yay/nay? double dog dare inside

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    I used to love Valentine's Day when I was a kid. We'd make these decorated boxes at school to put the valentines in, and they'd send out a list with all the names of the kids in the class. We'd get those cheap packages of little kid valentines and spend hours writing the "To:" and "From:" names on them. Then we'd have a party with real cupcakes, the ones that are considered to be evil now and are banned in a lot of schools. Can't believe we actually survived a childhood of wanton cupcake eating! :highvoltage: What were our parents thinking!!! We must try to forgive them ... they didn't know any better! :frown:

    When the kids were younger, I did get them nice cards and little gifts and candy :biggrin: :biggrin: but they didn't do much at school ... not like we did.

    When you get older, it's not as much fun, especially after you've had a few Valentine's Days of the "Charlie Brown" variety! The ex- usually just ignored it, or he would lump it in with my birthday because it's around the same time. Some years he ignored my birthday too. One year, he actually did send me flowers! I was thrilled! But I should have known better ... a few weeks later I got a phone call from the florist saying that his check bounced and he needed to come in make it good! Well, Happy Valentine's Day to ME!!! :mad:

    Sincere gestures are wonderful, but I do think it's grown all out of proportion with the commercialism. If you watch enough TV, it seems like if you don't spend thousands of dollars on jewelry, you're being negligent! The emphasis is on lavish, expensive gifts and the greeting card companies, florists and jewelers make a bundle off of it. Can "Bah Humbug" apply to Valentine's Day too???
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    donna, a lot of the restaurants were closed yesterday here as well as the florists! seems they had a very bad V-day production wise.

    I hope one day you get a real Romeo to do the right deserve it!
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    Janet - been there done that - Twice! No thank you! The only good thing I can say about the second one is that he almost made the first one look GOOD by comparison ... well, almost tolerable anyway!

    :rolleyes: :smile: :rolleyes:

    I am definitely NOT looking!
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    when I divorced I said NO MORE MEN. I did not look for two yrs. while not looking, I met boyfriend. wink
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    Janet, I have been officially "NOT LOOKING" for ten years now! I'm not saying that I would never have another man in my life, but it would have to be one heck of a man to make me change my mind! I guess if I wanted one, I'd be "out there" looking, and I'm not! The only way I'd ever meet a man is if he was going door to door! I'm not saying I'd NEVER have another relationship with a man if I met someone really extraordinary, but I would NEVER, EVER EVER EVER get married again!

    I've been happier these last ten years than I've ever been! The only thing that would make it better is if I could see my kids more. But I honestly enjoy being on my own! It's been ten years and I'm STILL wallowing in the "absence of conflict", no more arguing, no more constantly giving-giving-giving and never getting, no more walking on eggshells, no more being legally chained to a "loose cannon"! It's peaceful and quiet here and, for the very first time in my life, I do what I d*mn well please and I answer to nobody but myself! :biggrin: