Vaping and Drugs Updated Info


Crazy Cat Lady
Unfortunately, it appears my information on using e-cigarettes, or more correctly, personal vaporizers as a method of drug delivery was outdated.

As it turns out, further study seems to indicate that any substance that can be dissolved in propylene glycol and absorbed through either the oral/nasal membranes and/or the lungs, AND that boils at the temps at which propylene glycol boils, can be vaped.

Propylene glycol itself is harmless. It is used as the carrier vehicle in which nicotine and flavorings are delivered in e-cigs. In fact, it is also used in medicine as the delivery medium for many inhaled medications for asthma, etc.

Vegetable glycerine, or VG, is also used in e-cigs, but is a lousy solvent and doesn't seem to be used for illicit drug delivery.

Many of the drugs delivered via vaping are the "research chemicals" I mentioned in another posts. These chmicals, are, for the most part, made in China,and for the most part are strong opiods, euphorics, empathics (like molly or ecstacy) or psychedelics. Many of them can be delivered by vaping.

The very good news is that China is in the process of cracking down on the producers of these drugs and as of now has banned 160 of them, with more to come. While this doesn't mean that the bathtub chemists won't be working feverishly to stay ahead of the bans, it should put a dent on what is available.

That said, for the most part, if you find a personal vaporizer on your 15 year old, odds are still good that they are vaping nicotine. Research Chemicals are,for the most part, the province of slightly older drug users with a knowledge of chemistry, OR younger users with older contacts.

The drug world is a LOT scarier than it was when I moved in that world in the 70s and all you had to worry about was getting a hit of bad acid, which was bad enough.

What I don''t get at all is that many of us won't feed PET FOODS sourced with Chinese ingredients to our dogs and cats, yet there are people who will put Chinese-made psychoactive chemicals in their bodies?!?!

I am continuing to research this subject. As always, questions are welcome for as long as my current level of obsessive fascination can hold out against my sense of absolute horror.


Crazy Cat Lady

You're very welcome. I found all this information researching what would be involved in coming off of a couple of medications I've been on for many years that should've only been prescribed for short term use.

That research led me to boards and groups aimed at recreational users and addicts, where I found a huge well spring of information about the modern drug world and became fascinated (in a horrified sort of way) with what I was learning.

The vaping info came in part because I was researching how to re-build some parts for personal vaporizers instead of tossing them out when they wore out. I followed a link on a totally innocent board; followed a link from that link, followed another link, and so on and so on, and somehow found myself up to my ears in info on the dark side of vaping.

Anyways, if anyone has any questions, since i have access to the info, or know how to get it, and am not risking a job or whatever, feel free to ask.