Vent about difficult neighbor

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, May 17, 2012.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    Don't you just wish all your neighbors were :)

    I am simply venting. We go out of our way not to interact with these neighbors except to smile and wave in a friendly way.

    When they first moved in, they asked if they cut cut down our bushes that divide our yard from their yard. We LOVE our bushes! Fortunately, this isn't our house so we said our landlord wouldn't let us (we never asked him). So they cut the bushes as thin as they can if any branch hangs over their lawn at all. Ok, well, whatever floats their boat.

    The last weekend we saw the cops at their house and we wondered WTH? Very quiet neighborhood and almost no crime. Well, it turns out they are feuding with the neighbors on the other side of their house, two really REALLY nice ladies, who don't bother anybody and are going to build a fence. Apparently, the family is enraged over the fence so they called the cops to find out exactly where there property line is. Now there is a thick string attacked to two black posts on the edge of their property line with a huge "No Tresspassing" sign there. I'm sure the fence will still go up, but I guess they are trying to make a point???

    It would maybe be different if these were stellar people who never do anything annoying, but they have a dog (and I love dogs) and they keep him out all the time. I feel so bad for him. He barks and barks (I'm surprised nobody has turned them in for the noise, but most of us have dogs and don't want the dog to get into trouble). They told us that the dog had bitten somebody once and isn't friendly (they are from another state and informed the police that the dog had a bite record and they do always make sure he stays in his yard).

    Hub and I have decided to avoid these people as much as possible...and we are glad we have those high bushes that separate

    Ok, vent over. I know. It's really not that big a deal :)
  2. InsaneCdn

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    Ya, but... wouldn't it be nice to have neighbors who are actually neighborly?
    Mine aren't so bad.. but not neighborly either.
  3. Hound dog

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    Annoying none the less. I don't care for trouble makers in any neighborhood............and it seems nearly all neighborhoods have at least one.

    My near neighbors aren't neighborly. The occasional wave is about all you'll get. My more distant ones are sometimes too There is one who just has to make a point of talking to me any time he catches me outside. He's nice enough.......but he tends to amble on about pretty much of nothing. Neighbors were more friendly when we first moved in, but several of the homes have been sold to new families.
  4. keista

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    Called the police to find the property line????????????? I hope the cops laughed at them!
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I've known people that do this all the time. I never have figured out why. The cops can't do anything and they haven't got a clue. You have to look it up in the records. And fences have to be built so far inside the property line, too.
  6. TerryJ2

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    Argh! I think the neighbors have relatives in my neighborhood!

    Why did they call the police? They need to look up their old survey or plat or have it redone. Or ask the neighbors to show them theirs. The police don't handle things like that. ARrgh. I know it frustrates the police, too.
    Those neighbors need to get a life.
  7. buddy

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    That seems pretty extreme...calling the po po for a property line issue? Hope no one got robbed while they were so busy with this call! haha.
  8. Jody

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    I don't like neighbors. LoL. I just don't want to know them. Unfortunately i know the guy next door and we can't stand each other. When my kids aren't with me, I have to say that I wave at him alright, that middle finger and smile. He's a total idiot and anyone who knows me, knows that that is so unlike me, but I can't stand that idiot, and it gives me some satisfaction knowing that I get to tell him almost everyday. I know childish, but I really don't like that idiot. He was the one that told me not to let my dog poop in my yard, because he's allergic to the smell of dog poop. Ugh. Who likes it but allergic? Idiot. I waved and said hello to the neighbors next door, and that day they came over and asked to use my can opener for their Spaghetti O's. I found a garden Gnome that says Leave. I laughed so hard. I am going to go get it. I am not the welcoming type. LOL.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    OKay - I'll lend some insight - (now that I know about the - what did you all them Buddy po po) rofl

    The things 911 is called for? AMAZING. We were called today to look up - A zip code. HOWEVER there are two 911 lines - an emergency line the 911 - and a non emergency line - public assist. 911 operators answer those as well.

    What the neighbors did - was probably call the real 911 line and the operator would have asked if anyone was arguing. (civil disturbance) or was anyone fighting? (domestic disturbance) was anyone fighting and had a weapon like hedge trimmers? (domestic disturbance with weapon) for all three an operator stays on the line. But my best guess would be that barking dog neighbor called 911 and said - "MY neighbor is trying to put up a fence - blah blah blah on my property blah bla blah - send the police right away." and 911 would have said - "Where are you, does anyone have any weapons?" NO- maam this is not an emergency call - please call public assist." then gave them the non-emergency number. Which in our case - calls right back - but puts it in a different routing system. Meaning the police will respond just not a high priority.

    When the police got there - they would have had to check to make sure no one was arguing, yelling, screaming, spitting (which is assualt), made out a report for barking dog to show or call Mrs. nice ladys fence company and/or his property survey company so that Fence company had the proper permits and had gotten the right property/plat from the city/county they lived in so that the fence was offset from barking dogs property at least 6". (remember I used to work for a fence company too?) Sometimes if two neighbors agree they can split the cost of the fence and set it ON the line - but I'm guessing this is not going to happen with Harry the Happy Hedge clipper.

    I would make sure with a neighbor like this that my steel pins were CLEARLY staked and flagged - and that any incumberences or trees were taken care of - he sounds like trouble - since you're renting it is your responsibility to make sure that no foilage encroaches onto his property - or no suspected trees will fall - etc. Trust me - been there done that. I think I'd let him have BOTH your parakeets.
  10. susiestar

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    Our neighbor got angry because we called 911 because he was shooting first a pistol and then a shotgun. At the MOLES in the ground. now we live in the country but in a subdivision. So no city law against shooting, but a law against endangering the public, which does apply to firing a gun when you have neighbors. then CPS got involved AGAIN because his kids were in the yard with him - and not behind him, but within a yard of where the shots were going into the ground. So the cops arrested him for several things, CPS came out (his wife is a frimpin NURSE and this was the 10th time CPS was there for unsafe behavior aka child endangerment like running around a POND at midnight with no lights at all outside and no fence around the pond. this time the daughter complained that Dad hurt her at night and they found sexual abuse signs and he is now staying in jail and mommy has a boyfriend. Like in a month mommy had a boyfriend.

    I know about the abuse because the girl is in my niece's class and spent a night there at a party and my mom said they were 'creepy' and she made niece come home. And learned that other than when parents came and went, the 6yo kids NEVER saw the parents. they put food out, told the kids to be in the rv, and left them ALONE all saturday. So when the girl started talking about her Dad 2yrs later, and how he is in jail, school made a few calls and found it was true and made mom tell them who was taking care of the girl because Dad was the only parent they ever saw. It was a MESS.