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    Okay, so some of you know that on Friday I had to have a pretty painful biopsy done (think Farrah Fawcett and what she died of and you know what I am dealing with here). I am in pain. More pain than my last surgery. So, of course, I haven't been staying awake late - would you??? The doctor gave me nothing for pain. I had just a few pain pills from long ago so they only lasted the weekend. My husband was leaving to go out of town for a few days on business (I am quite used to this by now, no biggie anymore) and he was upset this morning because I feel asleep on the couch last night. I am SOOO sick of him getting upset because of how things affect him. Get a chunk taken from your butt, buddy, and let's see how long you want to deal with it! He thinks because I fall asleep, I must not love him and want to spend time with him., that doesn't mean that at all - it means I have had a pain-filled day and am done with it!
    I get the results on Friday and since I am SO anxiety ridden normally, I told the doctor not to call me with the results because I know I will freak out completely when I see her number and I will be in the office. Instead, I want to be mentally prepared when I open the results. I can't go through another surgery...ugh. I am trying so hard not to worry until they tell me I need to, but it is sooo hard.
    On a happy note, I broke down and bought my first real Coach handbag. I got so tired of buying the knock offs and having them fall apart on me. So, I went to the outlet store and got a big handbag and matching checkbook wallet for $200. husband choked when I told him how much I paid, but originally it was almost $600 for the set! I got a heck of a deal - they took 50% off the price and then had coupons for another 30% off your entire purchase - winning!! :D It is the first real handbag I have bought myself in all these years I have been busting my butt - I am going to enjoy it. And yes, so far I see there is a major difference between a good handbag and a cheap one...I won't be buying the knock offs anymore....
    Thanks for letting me vent - my anxiety is through the roof and I don't talk about it to many people, because come on, how many people you want to tell that you had a chunk of skin removed from your anus???
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    Well, if you can admit it.... While I haven't had that done, I have dealt with anal fissures complicated by hemorrhoids, and I expect the pain is at least somewhat similar. Not exactly something I like to talk about, either.
    Hoping the absolute best on your results. And maybe hubby would understand if you stuck your foot up his *** and asked him how he feels now.
    I have no idea on the handbags, never understood that stuff, but I'm glad you treated yourself and you love what you got.
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    Yup, I would say the pain is probably pretty close. And I am the type that LOVES to sleep. So if I am depressed, anxious or in pain - guess what I do? Yup, sleep. Off to a better my head would think after almost fifteen years, he would know that. I just talked to him a little while ago and we both mentioned that we are not morning people. This is not news. I told him perhaps we should just both get ready, kiss each other goodbye and that's it. Everytime we argue, it is in the morning! LOL
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    Yeah, I only speak Caveman before the second cup of coffee.
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    husband and I get up, he feeds the cats and brings me coffee while I shower.

    Talking to me before that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    PG - I'm pretzeling for you. I cannot IMAGINE how it must feel... You deserve a nap.
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    Fingers crossed your biopsy turns out ok and its nothing to worry about.

    And good for you for your Coach treat - they are my favorite. SO almost had a stroke when I bought my first one eons ago (before coupons were available). They last forever and ever and never show any wear and tear. Every once in a while you just need to go for it and get yourself something really nice :)

  7. KTMom91

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    I can't even imagine how much that would hurt, PG. Hope the tests come back negative.

    Way To Go on the Coach bag! I'm partial to Dooney & Bourke myself...
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    Marcie, that is exactly what I told him - I buy knock offs all the time at least 30.00 a pop. I would rather spend more for the real thing and have it last. It's beautiful. I keep looking at it. I can't help it. It's my first. Funny when he dragged me into the store in the mall to look at the prices - and those were pricy - he claimed it wasn't bad for something you basically wear every day. And I had to agree, so I was a little taken aback when he was shocked at what I spent. Guess he didn't realize the checkbook wallets cost as much as the bag! Still - for a hundred a piece? That is a killer deal. The two together were less than one handbag at the mall. :)
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    Hmm.... Vera Bradley is the big thing around here because she's local and and gives a lot to local charities. Maybe next time there's that big Vera Bradley thing at the civic center I'll actually go and find a quality bag. Then again... one of my biggest issues with things like that is that most of them are so ugly to my eye. Is basic black too much to ask for?
  10. AnnieO

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    HaoZi - yes, yes!

    My current purse is fuchsia, which is unusual for me, but I needed a new one, it was originally $120, I got it for $6. No joke. (I don't get how ripstop nylon could cost that much, but... *shrug*)... Usually I go for brown or black though. Matches everything...
  11. PatriotsGirl

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    I like Vera Bradley but yeah, there seems to be so much going on to look at it on her bags. Not sure I could carry one every day.
  12. PatriotsGirl

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    Yup - definitely neutral colors for me, too. The one I just got is the khaki signature bag - should go with anything. :)
  13. HaoZi

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    Well, they have this MASSIVE sale every year of her stuff (think her purses for $20-150, never mind all the extra stuff like wallets, agendas, etc). People come from all over, wait in line for HOURS to get in, you have to buy tickets in advance. It's that big. Huge economy booster out our way. The fact that she gives so much to breast cancer research AND local charities would be the only way I could justify buying something like that.
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    I hope you feel better and get the best possible results on your tests. Guys tend to not be real considerate on these things. Sorry.

    Enjoy the handbag - you deserve it!

    I hate purses and the only ones I really have found that work for me are Fossil, but they are too heavy a lot of the time. I cannot stand Vera Bradley - mostly because the purses I have seen always look a lot like a diaper bag I was given when Wiz was little. Here Vera Bradley is the"in" thing for the middle school-junior high set and few moms will go near them. it is kind of sad because she does give so much to research and charity, but it is what it is in our little town. I haven't a clue how her bags got so popular with the kids, but they are.
  15. AnnieO

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    My 12-y/o "niece" (BFF's oldest) adores Vera Bradley. I have no clue why... Yes, Susie, they DO look like diaper bags to me, too...
  16. DammitJanet

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    Maybe I should investigate these purses you speak of. I am so tired of getting Walmart purses that I can never manage to actually use with ease. I dont need a checkbook cover because I dont have a
    checkbook, but a wallet would be nice. I get these really cheap things. I have an old pink pleather wallet I have had for at least 10
  17. Hound dog

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    I hope doctor comes back with good news.........and doctor should be smacked upside the head for not thinking to give you something for pain.

    As for the purse thing.........why not? You deserve something nice and purses get used to death. Cheap ones don't last that long. Not that I pay that much but I'm just as apt not to use it as use the thing.

    But the quality vs cost thing.................. The outlet mall has changed my mind on this. I used to think the cheaper the better. And on most things this holds true and ok for. But on things such as pretty much get what you pay for. I'm not going to say that some espensive brands haven't fallen apart after like 2 washings......but for the most part they've held up looking like new 5 times longer than the cheaper brands. By getting them on sale at the outlet mall I don't even pay walmart prices half the time. Now probably 90 percent of my wardrobe is the designer brands. Jeans not so much. Those I can buy at wallie world and they hold up ok. lol
  18. PatriotsGirl

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    HD - that is where I went - the outlet mall!! :D I went to the outlet mall, shopped the clearance section, found a matching handbag and wallet and then used a coupon for another 30% off on top of that. I am a very, very frugal shopper. Always. I was sooo proud of the savings. My mother in law has taught me to spend a little more and buy the right thing the first time, rather than replacing all of the time. She is right. Took me a long time to get that one. I am usually pretty cheap. LOL.

    Yeah, I would like to punch my doctor in the face right now. This is not my first biopsy for sure. But this was a larger one in a very uncomfortable area. I am still sore. I still can't go to the gym. That bums me out more than anything else. I am really missing my yoga classes... :(

    I had the nerve to look up and see if my results were there yesterday. They weren't. Will probably have to wait until Friday and then wait until I have the nerve to look at them.