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    Every time get my kid off computer and try to post anything it crashes! Been like 6 days of this hope this goes thru!

    School GRRRRRR why does she even have an IEP if none of her teachers will read it much less comply with it?

    What's with the cold and why my van doesn't like reverse?

    I waited too long with getting Tiny in (no $$$) and she went into heat so got the house surrounded by Tom cats and her sitting in the window singing to her suitors. That wonderful song that has pushed many a cat owner into throwing cat outside (I'll get earplugs first! NO MORE KITTENS)

    But the real problem is my mom she is obsessed with a cat she has been feeding. I'm fairly sure it is her neighbors cat, but in her mind she fed it so its hers even though it's never been in her house. She left the house while my dad was napping and walked to the animal shelter looking for HER cat; no note no nothing (about scared my dad to death) She yelled at a neighbor of hers accused him of stealing her cat then called him a liar when he denied it. Something has to be done to help get control of my mom for her own protection.

    If anyone has suggestions I welcome them or if want to growl along with me we can turn this thread into a group growl!