Vent/Wish - Feel free to join in


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Some things I want:

- Dirty clothes that walk themselves from the floor to the washing machine, leap into the dryer and magically fold and/or hang themselves into closets

- A house elf that comes in the dead of the night and does dishes, takes out trash, cleans litter boxes, dusts, vacuums, mops, scrubs toilets and bathtubs, cleans windows etc

- A responsable adult (other than myself!) that can pay all bills, create all budgets (meaning said adult MUST have magical powers of creative thinking), do all household shopping including packing up and dragging in and putting away all overpriced groceries

Barring all of the magical wishes above, a small miracle could be a good alternative: Children who actually DO CHORES and pick up after themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS. difficult child left his cave (bedroom, can we call it that?!?!) the other day to "help out" his friend who has just taken his own apartment. How did he "help out"? Washed walls, picked up trash from last tenant, cleaned dried vomit off a stove (last tenant) and ground in ferret poop off carpets (last tenant YUCK), washed windows etc. I took a near full trash bag (large one) of trash from his room. Nearly a cupboard full of dirty dishes. *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*
Worse, he had the NERVE to call me on the phone and ask for me to send a MOP to his friends new apartment because they didn't have one and "Mom, you'd feel so bad, this house was left a total STY". So of course I paid a delivery service to bring the mop there (never did get it back either so I'll have to buy a new one) because I felt for the kid in his first place. But hello!?!?! This apartment is/was a STY??? If the apartment is a STY, what is difficult child's bedroom/cave? I'd call it a hazardous waste drop off depot!!!


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LOL..that sounds like me as a kid. Your own mess is always harder to deal with. I'd still help a friend out with her chores before I'd jump on doing mine.

I wish for the same things you do, but I'd like to add...

I wish for a magically fairy to fill up my gas tank and clean out my van each night.

Kids are slobs and husband always leaves me on empty. Gotta love it.

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I want:

1. To still collect my paycheck while vacationing on a desserted beach or lakefront property - ALONE with good food, good drink and good books, plenty of sunshine. No phone, tv, clock, or radio, thank you very much.

2. A free cleaning man for the summer to do laundry, vacuum and mop to MY specifications, go food shopping for all our favorite foods, and keep the bathroom and kitchen spotless.

3. difficult child to stop spiraling, get a job and decide to attend community college in the fall with a specified major in mind.

4. H to build our freakin' addition already!!

No major vent today other than the rain on the 4th blew and put a real damper on the festivities. But we still blew off some good fireworks. And I'd really love it if we could find a decent counselor ASAP for difficult child who takes our insurance and is within 20 miles from our home and who difficult child likes and will open up to.


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I want everything you guys said as well as :

A very good looking guy named Sven to come and give me a full body massage....every day


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Sven ... interesting concept! I'm all for it! I'd love the clean van and full gas tank too .... but I'd have to wish for a vehicle first as my method of transport is the heel/toe express. I guess I will just have to ask for new comfortable walking shoes!!