I don't post often ... we struggle through. There's too much going on day to day to take much time on the interwebs. But once in awhile, I need to shout to the rooftops and be heard by those who get it.

CeCe turned 18 two weeks ago. As anticipated, she thinks she is now an 'adult' and her 'rights' include telling us what to do and ignoring what we ask. She was in PRTF for months last year and now has community support, from a good program, and they have despairing thoughts too.

But the really big deal - Tuesday, she stole my work cell phone! Bad enough, but I work for a major defense contractor. Seriously not cool!!! She denied everything until they confronted her at school. Then she admitted she'd taken it and later hid it in the house. (Our tech guys were totally weird-ed out trying to figure out why my emails were being deleted while I was in meetings.)

School decided to suspended her for 2 days ... immediately before Spring break (woo-hoo!!). husband is irritated only because he works from home and now has her.

He thinks I'm overreacting. I lost hours of work time, and spent 106 minutes (apparently) on the phone with tech support trying to get the phone restored after she didn't remember the password she set up. Thankfully they said since she was a 'family member' they wouldn't have to prosecute (actually they said: "send out the 'black helicopters'." I'm not sure they were joking.)

husband also told her she'd have to do the kitchen clean-up somewhat indefinitely as restitution. She refused. Ok, then. School suspension today? Slept until the community worker arrived.

At this writing, husband, CeCe, Huck, and Tink are happily playing cards. Nice family moment, huh?

I just can't go there.

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Not cool at all. I don't think you are over reacting at all. It's one thing to steal a cell phone buy your situation has an extra layer to it.

Oh the joys of when they turn 18 and think they are "adults", if only they would act like one.

At this writing, husband, CeCe, Huck, and Tink are happily playing cards. Nice family moment, huh?
That's a real Norman Rockwell picture;)


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I agree. Seriously not cool. Your job is important, & having a breach in security could have cost you to lose it. I don't think you overreacted the slightest bit. Your husband & daughter should realize how serious this situation is.


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I have moments where I seriously can't get into the "happy family" thing, either, and after what happened with CeCe, I can't blame you for feeling that way. I think a lot of us are in for a very long spring break.


Thanks to you all. It's a new day (an ADDitude that helps ;)) and I'm off to work. Once I drop Huck off at his partial hospitalization program, that is.