Very bad day today ....

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    Today is mine and husband's wedding anniversary .... We woke up this morning hugged and wished eachother a happy ann and congratulated eachother on a happy marriage for the last 14 years ....

    He went off to work and I took the kids to school. I went and picked up my Aunt and took her to have a test done in the SPU of our local hospital. Being that she is old and VERY set in her ways we had to be there over an hour early and then her test took and hour and then she went off to recovery for an hour. I took the time to read, clean out my purse and wallet, etc... I then took her home and made lunch for her and my grandfather. Then love to chat but I had to run off and pick up the kids from school.

    difficult child came out with an attitude and so did easy child ( I overheard easy child and a friend talking about a girl in their class and they were both being very mean)

    We came home and started homework and difficult child got ALL his work wrong so I began to go over it with him and he went into an instant meltdown. I just walked away and told him we would go over it later.

    easy child then began to complain that her friend has been really mean to her (the same girl she was in kahoots with about the other girl) I told her that she was being mean and talking about someone and it doesn't feel very good does it?

    Now, the kicker we had our mortgage sold back in April and in September we found out they went bankrupt and our escrow monies were MIA ... It took several months and zillions of correspondence and phonecalls and then our mortgage was picked up by another company but our monthly payment increased by 200.00 per month because of the escrow problem. We appealed to everyone and anyone who would listen. No luck ( I know it sounds unheard of but it is not!) we began to pay the increase and just kept on trucking.

    Today I received a letter from our current mortgage company telling me the former Bankrupt company is now out of bankruptcy and our mortgage is being sold back to them .

    I think it is time for an Attorney to become involved.
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    Happy anniversary! Ours was yesterday -- 30 years OMG. We had to haul gfg17 out to dinner with us because there was no decent food in the house for His Majesty :~(

    Have no advice -- just happy anniv and hugs hugs hugs (((((((shelleyd67)))))))))

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    Happy anniversary! Sorry the day was such a difficult one:( Hugs.
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    Happy Anniversary to you too Jo ! I am literally LOL about taking difficult child with you. I made a really nice dinner tonight, chuck roast, mashed potatoes, corn and a salad and difficult child is whining that we have NOTHING to eat in the house ! I just don't understand sometimes ....:confused:
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    Happy Anniversary to you both!!!
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    Ohhhh that sounds so good - can I come to your house for dinner? :hungry: Your difficult child can come hang out and complain with my difficult child!

    Oh and by the way, Happy Anniversary! :wine: