Very confused, dr. called with results.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Jena

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    hi everyone,

    i'm sorry i haven't been on too much past few days, all wrapped up in me which is probably good for a change lol. I know you guys oh soo miss me!!! ;) and my never ending threads ha ha

    So, dr. called today and said pap, sono, biopsy of cervix, urine all clear no issues. She said Jen I have no idea at this piont what is going on to be quite honest. I know you are in pain and are bleeding way too much also running low grade fever yet I can't figure out where and why it's happening.

    She said sometimes it takes time to figure things out!! LOL how funny is that being a Mom of a difficult child??? I almost busted out laughing. Yet she said there could be a problem with the actualy lining and I think our next move is an endometris (can't spell) biopsy. Where they cut and test that.

    She said white count is up, yet it doens't give us an area of focus at all. So, for now i keep dealing. I said if this was just random menstration without symptoms of pain and fever and feeling like a truck ran over me id' say ok no big deal, yet that's not the case. She also agreed.

    So kinda what i expected to be honest. I told boyfriend yestrday i bet it'll all come back normal adn further testing will have to be done.

    I don't even know what to say. Many of you with whom don't know me as far as this stuff is concerned I"m ususally great with pain. I can tolerate it so incredibly well for some reason. Both kids were 10lb. pounds vaginal delivery. Yet this is something i've never experienced before. I said could it just be a urinary tract infection? She said it would of come back on pap.

    i'm clueless. yet another dr. who can't find out what's wrong?? LOL oh isn't that shocking??? She's actually very nice though.
  2. trinityroyal

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    Jen, sorry that your doctor hasn't been able to give you any answers. Here's a thought for you...a long-shot, but....possibly worth asking the question.

    Is your doctor looking into endometritis? It's an infection of the endometrium (uterine lining). I had this years ago, after a miscarriage with complications. (Caught it in hospital when they were fixing me up. They do say the hospital is the easiest place to catch a disease...) Symptoms were as you describe. Strange bleeding, pain, low-grade fever.

    I was put on very strong IV antibiotics for about a week, and after that, was right as rain.

    Glad to hear that the other tests were all clear for scary things. But, I hope they're able to figure out what's going on soon so you can have relief from the pain.

  3. Jena

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    Hi, that's what I thought also. Yet she said that at this point if that was infected it would of come back on tests results. nothing is showing anything. She said i don't want to scare you yet i want to test if it's cancerous endem whatever that word i can't spell.

    I said can't we just give me medication's to see if i get ok, like antibiotics let's treat it before we go in again. she said no not at this point we need to do what we need to do.

    ugh, ok so like 5 weeks before xmas and we are paying cash for all of this also. not to mention macy's job didn't happen becuase difficult child sitter cancelled.

    i'm kinda frustrated. :)
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    TWO TEN POUND KIDS???? :anxious:


    OMG. :surprise:

    ARE YOU KIDDING? :faint:

    It's just tired...honey - let 'em have it. lol :tongue:

    Sorry you feel so badly - hope you feel better soon.
  5. Jena

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    Star -

    ok as usual you made me laugh THANK YOU!!!:bigsmile:

    I'm like "listen I want to eat alot on thanksgiving, that's my "thing" i like to eat. So, no poking or no more tests till after Turkey sorry scalpel will have to wait!! OH, and by the way can you bill me for next procedure???????????? LOL

    I think I"m losing it. LOL
  6. Steely

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    Jen, you amaze me with your strength. I would be all sorts of freaking out. You are a rock.

    Endometriosis is something that my sister had, (non cancerous, just an on going, never ending, case of endometeriosis). It was part of her auto immune disease, and it is unbelievably painful, and causes lots of bleeding and cramping.

    You know my other thought is could you also be passing a kidney stone? All your symptoms, except the excessive bleeding sound like me when I am passing a kidney stone. Worse pain that any I have ever had, and it radiates from lower back, to front, and generally there is a fever, and nausea. It is easy to see if they did even a simple x-ray.

    There are so many things it could be. And I am so sorry that you are enduring all of this. Did they at least give you something for the pain? A low dose of Vicodin can help immensely, and generally does not knock you out - in fact for me - it makes me hyper (but I am weird:tongue:).

  7. Jena

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    Steely -

    Hi, you gotta be kidding! me a rock?? yea ok...... no that would be YOU!!! I just read your post about Matt.

    i mentioned kidney stone to her she said no to that also. I'm a nut I research and look up everything, and oh maybe i become a bit obsessive lol. that's my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) :)

    I can't use a tampon, nothing. haven't been able to do nothing if you know what i MEAN in a while now, boyfriend is umm not happy but totally patient and is confused as I am.

    I'm going to call her back and say hey wait ms. let me cut you again. why dont' we just medicate me and see what happens, if nothing else maybe my fever will go away and i wont' look or feel as i do. I'm just concerned about xmas at this point. santa is unemployed right now. boyfriend is at his max of spending. i was out again this morning looking for a job pt as i did our laundry.

    the nerve i have, my hair was all over the place and i had to go yes more pads, so i walked into drug store they had sign up i ran to truck smushed my hair down to look normal and asked for a job. LOL.

    I'm not a patient woman. can you tell ???????
  8. klmno

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    Ouch- this sounds painful! Have you been to a GP to get a complete physical? I don't know anything about this stuff so I can't help like I wish I could. I'm trying to figure out menopause LOL!
  9. Andy

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    I vote for keep looking. A friend just told me her story:

    She would have heavy periods and discomfort/pain for 10 days. She went into the doctor. An student assisted in the exam and told the doctor something did not feel right. The doctor pooh poohed it and told my friend that there was nothing wrong. That doctor told her because it didn't last up to 3 weeks that there was nothing to worry about. Her periods were so heavy that they had to plan their family events around it. No traveling or visitors during that time. She went to a different doctor months later and had another exam. That doctor scheduled an emergency surgery. She had a large football shaped mass of gunk growing inside her! I don't know which tests they choose to do that found that.

    Keep looking - ask what tests are needed to find growths (non-cancerous as well as cancerous). Hers was non-cancerous.

    You are very fortunate to have a doctor willing to get to the bottom of this. The ones in our town would have stopped looking after the very first very basic test.
  10. Lothlorien

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    What is it with women our age, lately? I had a problem recently too. It's gone now. I had to have an ablation. Got rid of the overall pain, but still have very irregular bleeding. I didn't have a fever though or higher WBC. It does sound like some kind of infection. I hope the doctor figures it out. In the meantime, get yourself a bottle of advil.
  11. Abbey

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    Ahh, Jen...that really stinks. Sometimes not knowing is worse than knowing. I know for a few years I've been using the 'hospital pads.' You know...the ones that are a few inches thick after you have a baby. I gain a good dress size or two just because of the pads. And, it happens at the drop of the hat. I'm standing there chatting with a customer and it's...OPPS...gotta run!

    My concern for you is the fever. Endo is one option. Eat your lovely Thanksgiving dinner and then get back in there to continue the search.

  12. Jena

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    hi :)

    Klmo - Yes actually i went to the gp for a complete physical back in april before i left work, so i took care of it before insurance ran out. white blood cell count was up than, so dr. thinks possibility of ms. I get blurred vision from time to time. i also get weird cramps in legs, burning stuff, few other things too, oh i get vertigo they call it that's alot of fun.....NOT!! LOL.

    Adrianne - Wow, that's some story. I'm so glad to hear she went to a 2nd dr. I had that years ago also a huge cyst on ovaries. went for sono, and straight to hospital from sono place. That's why this time i was like ok sono!! :) yea, its weird i'll keep looking after thanksgiving. i don't think i'm allowing another biopsy though.

    Lothlorien - You had a problem too? What is an ablation?? That sounds bad, and complicated. are you ok?? Oh yea advil is a flowing bigtime. The fever isn't that bad all the time i have a bit of a glow to myself :) We talked about possibly bladder infection, urinary tract, anything else in there yet she kept saying no, no, no. Yet I don't want to go for another biopsy at this point. yuck.

    Abbey - hi, oh wow i remember those pads well. wow they were huge. that has got to be uncomfortable. yea, somethings up i just don't know what. It's really weird actually i think. Kinda figures i couldn't have something easy it has to be "puzzle like", like my little difficult child........:)
  13. Wiped Out

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    I hope you are able to find some answers soon. I know the waiting can be so hard. Hugs.
  14. SearchingForRainbows

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    I haven't been able to spend much time around here lately but have been thinking of you. I hope your doctor finds some answers soon!!!

    Sending healing thoughts and hugs your way... WFEN
  15. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Hey Jennifer - I hope you and your DR are able to figure this out. The fever concerns me as well. Will keep you in my thoughts~
  16. Jena

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    Sharon, WFEN and Jo thanks I appreciate it!! :) I'm waiting till after thanskgiving nightmare lol to figure it out again. i'm taking a break from it. 5 days of it and i've had enough. :)

    There's gotta be something she is missing. i just don't know what. she also said sometimes these things take time to figure out. so i gotta give her that. we sched hte biopsy yet we also wait to see what my crazy body does next. :)