Very excited, ideal self-contained room!!


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Stopped at the school Friday and found out that Tiggers self-contained classroom will consist of just two students (the other one thinks Tigger hung the moon so a great confidence builder), Tigger's aide and the Special Education teacher. I'm so excited, Tigger has been doing much better this summer and is ready for school to start (first time ever). If they get Tig engaged in learning, he will likely soar ahead as he is gifted but hasn't really been "available for learning". The 1:1 ratio will allow them to progress at whatever speed Tig sets. He spends slightly more than 1/2 his day in the room and it is his meltdown room as well. He spends the other 1/2 of the day mainstreamed. And the mainstream classroom will have both the Special Education teacher and aide pushed in for academics!!


This sounds great! :smile:

A good placement can do wonders. Fingers crossed school gets off to a good start and continues.