Very good video on setting boundaries for our adult children


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It is helping me. I am struggling a bit here so I needed to look for an online research to bring me back to sanity. I hope it helps even one of us, even an active member or a lurker!!! Hope you feel better after your hear it! We are all in this together.



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Thanks MWM, it's always good for me to get a refresher course. While the situation is so much better now with my difficult child I need to continue reminding myself of these lessons. This was an exellent piece.

S - stop the flow of money
A - assemble a support group
N - nip excuses in the bud (both ours and theirs)
I - implement rules and boudaries (mean what you say)
T - trust your instincts
Y - yield everything to whatever higher power you believe in (you can also take this to yield everything to difficult child to fix their own life, letting go)