Very important and relevant for all of us and our kids: Law of Attraction

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    I am sharing. in my opinion it is so true and so logical for all of us...those who are happy, those who are sad, those who give up, those who fight on, those who expect nothing get nothing...anyhow, here we go. Hope it resonates with somebody :) Even one changed my outlook on life and all it entails and about my difficult oldest son and my role in what I can do for him. Blessings to all, in your own way.
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    Thanks SWOT, I'm a believer too.:)
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    I thought you would be :)
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    This looks interesting, SWOT.

    I looked at a different site the other day, when you mentioned it on KSM's thread, but this one looks even better. I will be looking at it more closely after the holidays, as things are busy right now, but I have always thought something similar.

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    Thank you for this, SWOT.
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    The reason our difficult kids repel others (have no friends) or have struggling friends who are bad influences is because that is the vibe they send out. Birds of a feather stick together is wise. You have to smile, have confidence of some sort and follow the rules to attract others who do.

    Nobody wants friends who are drug abusers or chronic pot smokers unless they do it. Nobody wants friends who are 25 and still on daddy's dime unless they are too. Nobody who lives a good life wants to deal with danger, jail, homelessness, chronic unemployment...unless they are in the same boat.

    Sonic has autism and would stay far away from most of our difficult kids. Sonic had two jobs, his own place, obeys the law and is kind to everyone. Even with his disability, all whom he is friendly with, and they also have various disabilities, they all work and are nice. Many are out of the house.

    Like, personality wise, attracts like. The drug addict who doesn't work is going to have similar cohorts. It has alwAys been this way.
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