Very Little Homework but not Complaining

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Dec 1, 2011.

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    I always envisioned middle school would be much more homework intensive. I know there is a last period of the day where they can work on their homework but still. I'm not complaining but just curious how common this is. Due to manster's nature we often plan catch up.. meaning I find out about his assignments when I run the "missing reports" on the parent portal. They can still earn up to 80 percent of credit for late assignments.. that's a grade saver!
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    Good thing you have the parent portal to keep an eye on things. My kids didn't get SLAMMED with homework until 7th grade and even then it wasn't until after Christmas break. Then SLAMMED took on a whole new meaning. Part of it also depends on the school. Each one is different. Maybe you got lucky? You can dream that if nothing else. LOL
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    our year is running the same as mansters...i was braced for the onslaught too and SO happy mine doesnt have much (maybe one math sheet/day--done in school)

    but since it seems to me the academics havent been overly demanding yet....i'm guessing, like said above--it could be coming after the holidays.

    according to several teachers--"we want them to feel success NOW so they do well in HS".

    whatever that means.
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