VERY SCARY update to Bomb Threat @ PCs school

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, May 8, 2008.

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    Dreamer -

    WHAT IS GOING ON THERE?????? NOW I'm worried.

    Kids in a gym?
    Bomb threat and no one takes it seriously?

    Have you contacted the police dept. to ask what is going on?

    Has easy child texted any updates?

    I just can't imagine that they would walk dogs through the school and then put kids IN the GYM? ARGH. It just can't be as serious as everyone is making it out to be - surely they would have evacuated the block.

    Hang tough - youre in my thoughts
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    This is odd ... it's like there are two places to respond. So I'll respond again, Dreamer.
    I hope that easy child calms down today when she gets home. I don't blame her for not wanting to go to school tomorrow. I've got my fingers crossed that the electrical failure is just a coincidence.
    In regard to the college credit issue, I'd seriously consider writing a ltr to the superintendent. That, and another ltr about no one taking the bomb threat seriously. Easy enough to document.
    That school--as others here have so nicely paraphrased--inhales deeply.
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    With all the problems of copycats, I think in cases like this it's best to only inform parents and lay low with the widespread publicity. Once this started up in our region, the threats made the rounds in schools and caused a lot of disruptions.
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    OK easy child is home, now. She is freaked, the teachers were freaked....not only was there the bomb threat, and not only was the electric off....but- the emergency generators also did not come, everyone was LOCKED inside the GYM together-----EVERYONE, in total darkness.....all scared-freaked out......
    Whether or not it is copycat.....that is LITTLE comfort.........sure, lots of things are copycat-----but hey, come on, we just had NIU recently...we are within area of NIU.... and whether or not it is copycat does not necessarily mean a copycat won't follow thru.
    No explanation so far has been given to the kids or parents about WHY the electric AND generators went off today.....and it is my guess that the kids who do go to school tomorrow might be a tad anxious how much learning will occur?
    Sure, maybe it is a copycat.....but maybe that copycat is gonna follow thru....anyway, it is easy to say it is "just a hoax" or whatever if it is not your child who is there in the midddle of it all.....Let it be a hoax, but, meanwhile, why take a chance with haveing the school be full of kids? and why scare the kids, or let them be so scared/freaked? WHether the elec being off was unrelated or not- it is just so coincidental.....

    worse...turns out a kid my easy child AND her boyfriend KNOW......he DID assemble a bomb a couple years ago-and placed it with the school generator.....what we do not understand is------while it was proven to BE a bomb, and the kid got expelled----he was NOT arrested.

    JUst TOO scary. TOO weird. TOO much coincidence.
    Maybe tomorrow before I go to county offices (I have an appointment to be fitted for my gas mask--becuz since last fall I have been a volunteer for our county disaster services) me and easy child will go over to community college and register her for her darned class to make up for the deficit at the hig school due to her guidance counselors incompetance and school changeing the credits given for certain classes......<sigh>

    I am NOT sending her to her high school tomorrow.......I'm NOT going thru similar tomorrow. SUre my nephew I raised did 3 tours with Marines in Iraq..but hey- he was trained first, he signed up to go be in a war zone......thats a little bit different than sending my child off to mandatory k-12 school.

    I am SO sick of our district. I am SO glad we are almost done with them.
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    I didn't say I think that districts shouldn't take threats seriously--I do. I do think that beyond parent and the superintendents of the neighboring districts there is no need to give widespread school bomb threats, especially while the investigation is in early stages.
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    Dreamer, I hear you.
    I'd take the day off, paint your toenails, and eat ice cream out of the tub. You all deserve a break.
    I'm sure there are a few teachers who are royally ticked off, too, because they were literally and figuratively in the dark. I hope they--and you--get some answers.
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    well today is that day------
    I kept easy child home. No matter what, yesterday was a long stressful scary day at her school- between the bomb threat for today, and their elec going out and the issue about her college preparedness etc. There is a small article in todays paper about it, in one of the inner sections. It says they made an arrest---easy child told me that last nite- but she said the kids all said this kid was arrested simply becuz he was in the hallway of the bathroom where the threat was written.
    I had hoped it to be on TV or in paper becuz our school has NOT sent notes home with parents in years.....and many parents do not connect with their kids after school or even in evenings----and notes do not always make it home. Newspaper said school used a phone system to notify parents- BUT I KNOW many kids who do not HAVE home phones- many without cell phones, and LOTS without internet. and I wanted parents to be aware of the threat----

    The article in todays paper does NOT match up to the timeframe of what I know from IMing with easy child yesterday. Paper said the elec was out at school due to a car accident near school- I was at school, going around the blocks, and the car accident was before school, and cleared hours before the elec went off---and the paper said the schools elec came back on hours before it even went off!

    SO easy child is home today in safety and security of loving family-recovering from yesterdays drama. I am on my way to a training session for disaster preparedness I volunteer for as a nurse- and then to be fitted for my face mask for same.
    I am hoping the remainder of school year can finish out on a quieter calmer note. :)
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    Hmm. Makes me wonder what else newspapers mess up? Or if the school deliberately misled them.
    I, too, am hoping the rest of your school yr can remain calm.
    Take care.
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    I must not be the only parent who decided they needed to recuperate after yesterdays high drama at school. The phone line for calling the kids in stayed jammed all morning, I called nonstop continuous for 90 mins before I finally got thru to be told the voice mail for attendance was full. HAd to call the main phone line and talk to school secretary, who did not sound amused or thrilled to be taking all the call in calls.
    The threat itself - I was on the fence. But when the elec went off at school- that got scary. ANd then the issue about guidance counselor messing up and district messing up about the credits etc happened, it was just too much all at one time. Too much drama, too much going on, too much of not good news etc.
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    Terry- becuz of various reasons, I have spent the last 2-3 years in court (one of my kids is a victim and the case has been draggin, and my moms estate is in probate and that is also dragging) and I sit there and hear all kinds of cases before the judges, hear clients in hall with lawyers etc. We also meet with victims advocate and update with detectives now and then etc. Plus we had a bad time when difficult child was in Special Education class and she was being victimized and we had a bad run with related vandalism from some of her classmates. Turns out so much more occurs here than EVER makes the paper or TV or anything. LOTS more.
    Our town was named a "Destination City" last year or year before. I have often wondered if our town works extra hard to keep things out of the media becuz of that?

    Several years ago I spoke in front of several committees etc about Special Education here....and then I was interviewed for newspaper. WHat came out in the newspaper was nothing even close to what I had said, even tho they used quotations around what they said I said. I do not put a lot of trust in what the newspaper says anymore, BUT I still thought had the threat been in paper or on news or whatever, it would let parents be aware there was aa problem. I feared some parents might think their kids made up some fantastical story, and some parents might not hear anything at all, and not even be aware there was a threat.

    Whew. I think we have less than a month left to the school year and then easy child graduates. I already homeschool my son, so I will be done with this district. I am glad.