Very Sick Mr. Kitten

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Our cat is very sick. He stared to vomit last Saturday and we took him to the Vet. He thought hairball and gave us some medicine to help him pass it. After 4 days he just kept getting worse and lost 15 percent of his body weight in 4 days. Mr. Kitten spent the night in the animal hospital last night and they hydrated him subcutaneously. They did blood work and it all came back normal. We have him home now and feeding him with a syringe. He's holding down some food and water but he's very sick. He was looking for a place to die yesterday. Today he's a little better but we just don't know. It's likely some kind of toxic ingestion. He does go outside and he could have gotten into just about anything.

    We needed a vet bill of $400 like we needed a hole in the head. Thank God for credit cards (I suppose). Please say a prayer and think positive thoughts for Mr. K. He's such a bright spot in our lives and it would kill us to lose him. husband loves him so much he jokingly (sort of) says if Mr. K goes, we might as well just put them in the same coffin together because he'll want to go too :(

  2. GoingNorth

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    I don't know what blood tests you had run, but could it be that he has pancreatitis? Does he seem to be in pain if you pick him up or press on his upper abdomen?

    My BFF's cat had this a few months ago and the sx were similar to this.
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    Poor Mr Kitten. I hope he gets better soon. Keep up the syringe feeding/watering. I've seen it do wonders. Years ago I had a beagle pup get distemper from the vaccine. He was at death's door (doesn't take long for a small pup) by the time we got him to the vet. Vet wanted to put him down. I couldn't do it. For a week that puppy sat wrapped in a baby blanket on my lap while I gave him jello water and reg water via syringe. He passed away of old age. :)

    I'll say a prayer for your kitty.

  4. tiredmommy

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    Saying prayers for Mr. K and sending {{{hugs}}} for you and Manster. :(
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    Saying prayers and sending hugs to you, Manster and Mr. Kitty.

    My mom has been known to go to the vet school hospital every 4 hours to feed one of our cats homemade chicken broth. I swear by it for cats. You might try it. Just boil some chicken pieces in water to cover until the chicken is done. Pull meat off bones, toss bones back into broth and simmer for another 30 mins or so. Strain and then feed warm broth via syringe. You can sub one of the canned broths, but make sure to get one of the organic low sodium kinds.
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    I'm so sorry - I hope Mr. K pulls through. Giving him water by oral syringe can make a big difference, as well as either the homemade chicken broth that susiestar mentioned, or dissolving a smooth wet food in water and syringing that in bit by bit. Saying a prayer for Mr. K ...
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    How is Mr. K today?
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    He's still very sick. We have this special A/D food the vet gave us to give him via syringe. He's still vomited a couple of times but the good news is he is keeping *some* of it down. We've gotten a few wounds despite holding him in a towel lol so maybe the fact that he is fighting is good. We're still finding him hiding out and he's limp when we pick him up. I just don't know if he's going to pull through this and we are very sad. He's had it for 8 days now. The Vet's best guess is he ingested some kind of poison (aresnic was mentioned). Thank you all for the great suggestions, prayers and good thoughts. Love, ML
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    Poor little guy. Hugs and prayers going up.
  10. Hound dog

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    Is he a mouser? Could have gotten it from a neighbor using decon to kill their mice....if he got a mouse that ingested it. That's what happened to our Shadow. We didn't get to her in time to help.
  11. busywend

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    Prayers for Mr K.

    So sad to see a furbaby so sick.
  12. AnnieO

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    Sending purrs to Mr. K and hugs to you. Know how this feels. This happened with Weasel once - turned out she'd gotten hold of a piece of yarn about a foot long and it got tangled up inside. After about 6 days one end started poking out and I was able to very slowly, very gently remove it (yuck but she's my BabyCat). This did not show up on blood work either and I thought she was gone.

    Honestly best thing to do is keep him hydrated till you find out what it is.

    More purrs and hugs!!!