Very worried


Hi all. Though I haven't posted in awhile I still read your posts every day. Things have been going okay with my 20 year old Difficult Child. She found a place to live and was doing relatively well. We have been getting along for the most part and she calls home more often than ever. Today she called me from urgent care saying she is being sent to the emergency room for suspected appendicitis. She was there with a friend and told me not to come. I'm 10 hours away from her. I haven't heard anything from her since 2pm est. and I'm getting worried. I have the friends phone number but it's going to voice mail. Her phone is going to voice mail. I want to respect her wishes not to come but I also want to get in my car and leave to go to her now. Ugh. Thanks for listening . I hope to have an update from her soon. The hospital she went to is a wee reputed place in a large city so that gives me some comfort but not much!


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Not sure what information they will/won't give you, but most hospitals will tell you if a patient is admitted to the hospital unless the patients asks to be listed anonymously. Perhaps you could call and find out if she is there. If you get a room number, you could call her room. Just an idea.


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I hope you hear something soon. Is she or her friend on Facebook? I have had luck finding people on Facebook. Then you can click on "message" and usually an option comes up to place a call.

But try calling the hospital first. KSM


I was able to see that she was on her phone up until 7pm. It keeps going in and out of service it seems. Hospital doesn't have any info yet. They said to call back in a few hours.


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That's a relief!

At least you know she is doing well enough to use her phone!

Let us know when you find out anything else.



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Hi Lila,

Any word yet? It sounds as if your daughter is in good hands at the hospital but I understand your feeling of wanting to jump in your car to be with her. I hope your mind is put at ease soon. Hugs from me.


Thanks everyone. After a very LONG visit to the ER appendicitis was ruled out. She called me a little while ago very relieved. Life is a roller coaster, especially with our Difficult Child's!


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Glad you finally heard, and that she's OK. I was going to say that since hospital visits tend to be unexpected, people don't have their phone chargers with them and it's not uncommon for someone's cell phone battery to die while waiting in the ER. Signals can be spotty too, so it's easier to reach someone waiting via Facebook messenger while they're there vs. text (because they can usually use the hospital's WiFi). Sadly I have lots of experience on hospital/ER visits with both my daughters!

I try my best to subscribe to the "no news is good news" theory, but I know it's really tough sometimes. Waiting is the worst and the temptation to DO somethign is strong, especially for us moms!