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  1. Hound dog

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    Maggie's check up is today. :) Normally I get a kick out of introducing the vet to a new family member because she gets such a big kick out of it.

    But I'm dreading today's appointment. I know it's not true, but I feel like I'm conspiring against poor Molly. :(

    It doesn't help that she's had an awfully bad week either. She's been in a lot of pain, aspirin isn't really cutting it......I had to take her herding ball away from her. She's having some real breathing issues, both that horrid cough and just some really can tell breathing is impaired.....type breathing. She's gotten super jumpy too. Not sure what this is because normally she's the most laid back dog in the world. It's not Maggie because Molly avoids Maggie completely. She's jumpy with everyone, skiddish.

    Been talking to the kids about Molly's decline. Nichole has noticed it as well for quite a while........our talking about it just brought a lot of things to her attention. Molly doesn't greet her anymore when she comes to visit, it's been a very long time since Molly last greeted Nichole without Nichole having to call her and call her and finally seek her out. Now you have to understand, Nichole and Molly have been thick as thieves since the moment they met, inseparable. Molly has always adored Nichole, and I do mean adored. They did everything together up until Nichole moved away from home. And even then, they still did things together. But for the last several months.......Molly hides instead of greeting her. Nichole saying this made me realize that 99 percent of the time, Molly doesn't greet anyone at the door anymore.........only seems to if she has a desperate need to go out.

    It's sort of hard to notice Molly's weight loss because at one time she was so very over weight. (well over 100 lbs) So now there is all this extra skin that if you don't look at her well......she doesn't look that bad. (if you didn't know she used to weigh so much) But I can see her hip bones for the first time since she was about a year old. I mean I can really see them. And it doesn't help that some days she appears to be "swollen" in her abdomen because there is no way she can look so much thinner one day and the next look as if her belly has gotten tighter/bigger.

    I'm dreading this darn talk, because we all pretty much believe we're going to hear exactly what we don't want to hear. :sigh: Heck, I've put off bathing her (and she really needs a bath) for weeks because I can't seem to catch a good day where I wouldn't make her feel worse.

    And I'll admit it, I feel sort of guilty for going out and finding another puppy to "replace" her, well as far as doing her job anyway.

    Does not help that Rowdy has been acting really strange all spring either. He won't even get up and walk around the yard, to the point where the first time in his whole life his nails need to be cut. He also has a horrible cough if the weather is damp/humid. He's just sort of lethargic. Used to be I'd tell him it was time to go on his lead and he'd be dancing around his kennel and pull me all the way to it. Now I have to walk slow and give him time to get there. He's not showing signs of pain per se, so far just severely slowing down. Like it hit him all at once.

    I'll let you all know what the vet says about my Molly girl. The appointment is at 11:30am and the vet is literally 5 mins away from the house.
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    Good thoughts going with you, Lisa.
  3. AnnieO

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    :hugs: I know you're there right now...
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Maggie is healthy. Vet is pretty sure she's not going to reach full st. bernard size, maybe somewhat bigger than Molly. (about what I guessed) Maggie has her flea medication, which also takes care of the worms and heartworms and a host of other doggie nasties. And she took her shots just fine, I'm not even sure she noticed. LOL She met an enormous beautiful black lab and his family......Did great until it turned out the lab is a big baby and when he whined it scared her.

    Molly has her appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to see if Nichole would like to come down........see if easy child will watch her kids while we take Molly. I have a strong feeling due to talking with the vet, this may be it. Made him sad, he just had to put down his dog who is Molly's age for similar reasons. The losing weight looks like it will probably be the clincher. :( Probably cancer or diabetes........either way.....I can't afford to treat either and it doesn't guarantee quality of life. She's probably got a few other things going on too........but those are the two big ones he thought of.

    If Nichole joins me, I'll hold it together for her, because I'll have too. Molly has been like her little sister for the past 12 yrs, her shadow, her confidant, her bestest friend. Well, mine too.......but if I have to hold up Nichole, I'll be able to keep it together long enough to make it home. :(

    Gawd this just sucks.
  5. AnnieO

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    Lisa... I've got tears in my eyes but... If it IS time... She will be in awesome company... There's a Great Pyrenees named Freddy, another named Rascal and a third named Joker... A Samoyed named Rainbow... A couple of mutts named Brandy, Chancey and Delilah... And purrballs named Gator, Thorin, Tick Tock, Arwen, Fur Fur String, Sassy, Frodo, Mork, Mindy and Cerridwen... All waiting to play with miss Molly.

  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    And Lil' Bit will be waiting for her too.

    I forgot Nichole has a new job babysitting. She's going to talk to the mom about tomorrow, to see if she can be here.........she may only get to come long enough to spend some time with her and go back.

    Sad as it is, I'm really thinking unless there is some miracle, this will be her final visit. I refuse to let her suffer, yet I can't afford any sort of extensive treatment for her at this time.

    I'll arrange to have her cremated, so we can find a nice spot in the yard to lay her to rest. It makes it quite a bit more expensive, but she's my Molly girl, and she's worth every penny.
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    God Bless, Lisa
  8. KTMom91

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    Huge hugs for you and Nichole...and Molly, too.
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    Well I suggest we start a list of who will be waiting to meet Molly! Step named hers so I will go next. My first cat- Tabby Meow, Snowy, next is my black miniature poodle Rufus who lived from the time I was 8 until I moved out of the house at 18 and my mom tried to give him to the ASPCA. My dad found out and was livid and went back down and got him back and he lived out another two years with my dad. Good old dog. I had Shakespeare the cat and Rascal the cat. We had a lot of cats I dont remember all the names of. Tigger, Scaredy, Cotton, and at least a half dozen litters over the years. We had the very first dog Tony and I tried to adopt from the shelter that was named Barney. He was an adorable corgi looking dog that had been in the shelter in North Myrtle Beach for almost a year at the time. He was friendly and seemed well trained. We couldnt see anything wrong with him. Until we took him home and we had the first thunderstorm. He went nuts. He climbed into our bed, he climbed under our bed. Then one day we made the mistake of having the screen door closed but not the wooden door closed when it started to storm because we wanted the coolness and he bolted right thru the screen and we tried to catch him but he was hell bent for Texas. We ended up calling the shelter to see if they found him or if he got run over and yep...they had him, he was waiting at their front door that morning. Well, we bailed him out one more time but he did it again and then we just left him there. Last time we went there he was still there. We got Lady from there 2 and a half years later. We also had a Chow named Rocky. Then Gypsy, Princess, wiggles, Heidi, Gangster, Gretchen, Bo, Hank Jr.,Maggie May, Bailey and last but not least Nina.
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Sleep doesn't want to come tonight.

    Molly perked up a bit this evening. But then laid and cuddled with me for quite a while. She's lying in the kitchen with me right now. Her breathing is a bit odd.

    When she perks up like that I think "oh, maybe it'll be ok" Then the breathing deal starts up either with the coughing......or just the new odd breathing......and then I just get sad again. It's the breathing thing that has me the most worried there will be no real choice in the matter.

    Nichole doesn't have to babysit, so she'll be heading down soon as Aubrey is out of school. easy child will watch the kids while we take Molly. I'll have to be strong for poor Nichole. Molly has been there for her for half of her life. She's been crying on and off for days. Poor girl. :(
  11. AnnieO

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    I will be there with you and Nichole, even if not physically. :hugs:
  12. Mom2oddson

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    My thoughts are with you today!

    And Molly will be in good company. Dixie, Mikey, Little Bit, Moose, Buddy, Molly, Yogi, Tom and Mason have been there for a long time and can show her the ropes. And Annie will be there to meet her and together they discover all the wonders of their new home while they wait for us at Rainbow Bridge.