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    I know many of our kids, difficult child or not, are fascinated or obsessed with video games. I cannot count how many kids want to create or test video games as a career.

    My husband is a really good programmer and is especially gifted at making computer stuff understandable to non-computer techie people. If he can make ME understand what a bus is in computer terms, he can make others get anything!

    I have suggested that he create a syllabus for a class in how to create video games. There is software out there that is available for this. I think MIT even has freeware for this, but you have to really get into it to figure it out on your own.

    husband is also gifted in understanding the world of fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons type stuff. He used to create incredibly detailed scenarios for D&D and many were extremely popular around here. Wiz resurrected some of them and even though they used older versions of D&D they were still very popular at the local gaming place. This would help him create a game and teach others to create them.

    husband is a great teacher. He got official 'attaboys' each semester he taught, along iwth VERY high evaluations from students (here students evaluate each class). He had fewer bad marks/reviews than any grad student in the business college and than any of the profs in his department - including his advisor and the dept head.

    I think that a class taught through the library or multi-arts center might be very popular, but I cannot get him to really put any effort into it. He thinks the kids won't be interested.

    Do you think that any teens would be interested?
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    If you can get him to write it in book form, the non-fiction stuff is the biggest market for books. He could make some money off selling it as an ebook and use CreateSpace for print books. It's not guaranteed income or anything, but it might be worth a shot.
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    tell your husband my kid would trip all over herself to get there.

    there is a gigantic legion of kids out there (not just difficult child's) that want to learn it......originally i had planned to put mine in the community college summer program for kids (the only one that i could find that offered animation) but it was an inconvenient time and truthfully it was too far and a piMa.

    not sure if he could charge $ at the library, but it would be a great place to start. our library actually has a gaming club, so, umm, yeah--build it and they will come :-D
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    I think there's a market out there, and I agree with Haozi that a online book sale format might end up finding a following as well if he is able to write it in layterms for beginners.

    Our college this Sept. is adding in a Diploma for Mobile Applications Development and from what i heard it was at full enrollment a month after announcing the introduction year for this program. If I had tuition costs available I'd have enrolled myself as I have a few very good ideas for mobile apps. I am not sure how many people are still into learning full scale coding for full games as mobile seems to be the popular thing at this time but I would imagine there is a market especially if tapped into online sales of a how to book.
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    Susie, it sounds like it might be a promising idea.

    Just putting on my "career development" hat for a moment, are you thinking of your husband doing this as a hobby or as an income generator. There are possibilities in either direction, but it really depends on what you're looking for.

    If it's something that you think local kids would be interested in and your husband wants to do it for a lark, then offering it as a volunteer course at your local library / community centre / other place where people gather would be good.

    If on the other hand, you're looking at it as a source of income and/or career development, then putting together a college-class-style syllabus might be the better route to go. Years ago I used to teach classes at one of the universities in my city. They were non-degree, continuing studies courses, mainly professional development for people in the workforce. Several of the other instructors were able to get semi-permanent Lecturer positions at that and the other universities in town because of those courses. (It wasn't a path I wanted to follow so I didn't go that route.)

    I'm just thinking that if your husband already has talent and experience with teaching in a university environment, this is a great opportunity to put together a new course offering for the local college or university's computer science program, either for degree-level students or continuing studies.

    In short, YES, it's definitely viable. Feel free to PM me if you want further information.

  6. Hound dog

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    Travis would die to get to such a class.

    He creates video games online with friends. He's been doing it for years. Now he makes some cash that way.

    He's always wanting me to do the graphics for them. But my paintshop pro is outdated and I don't have a small fortune to sink into a new one. Not to mention.....I don't have the time or the patience unless it's a game I"M obsessed with. lol
  7. HaoZi

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    Do you need animating software or something like Photoshop but free? If the latter, try Photo POS Pro. A lot of people like GIMP, but I found the other one easier to use for me.
  8. TeDo

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    I agree. There is such a demand for video games and the like that it would be a great area for him to get into. If he's not sure, he could try it out locally at the library. We have a community education department here where people can offer "classes" on just about anything and charge for participation. That would be something many here would attend and be willing to pay for. GO FOR IT!!
  9. Hound dog

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    HaoZi photoshop confuses me and Gimp......well, I just don't like it. I got used to PSP back when I was first learning the computer when I made customized stuff for the sims. Travis found me a free version, but honestly it's not as good as what I had even though it's been upgraded quite a bit. I think some companies tend to "new and improve" some of their products to death. So, instead, I give him pointers and offer suggestions when he asks.
  10. HaoZi

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    Most them throw me, too. I tried GIMP and ripped it right back of my comp, I just couldn't get the hang of it. I was overjoyed when I found Photo POS Pro, it was almost intuitive to how I think and it has a great built-in tutor, too. As free programs go I couldn't ask for better for me to work with. It's not Photoshop, the free version of Photoshop is crippled and confusing.