Virtual House Warming Party for GoingNorth


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GoingNorth is in the process of moving into her new apartment.
As is usual with moves, most things don't quite go as planned, so... her wonderful "packers" didn't pack so wonderfully, making unpacking a bit of a ... shall we call it a challenge?

On top of that, of course, is all the usual moving-in headaches.

So, I'm sending some elves to help with the unpacking, a home-made fresh fruit salad, and some ice cream to go with it.

Who's going to join us?


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Straight out of the Dungeons & Dragons Welcome Wagon of Holding, I pull... a Cardboard Box Chomping Womper! It's a D6 vs. Clutter herbivore whose primary diet is high acid processed cellulose. Stack those empties up on your front lawn, and the Womper makes short work of 'em, and poops out neat rolls of lawn turf to boot.

Scent of Cedar *

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I will be there, too! Warm, freshly baked bread with a perfectly golden crust, butter on ice, and sea salt.

That's what I will bring.

Wine for later.


Coffee, for now.


And a Keurig.


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A Keurig is a coffee maker that makes a single cup of coffee at a time. They are wonderful because you can always have a fresh, hot cup of coffee. They are somewhat controversial because the little plastic k-cups that hold the coffee are not biodegradeable and are filling up the landfills at an alarming rate.

That said . . . I use mine all of the time.:bag:

I will provide a set of guest towels for all of the company GN is going to have in her new home.



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I'll bring cans of albacore for the kitties. And a decadent flourless chocolate cake with fresh raspberry compote and whipped cream for our little snack, along with some rose tea to soothe those moving nerves!

Tanya M

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I'm bringing a basket full of wonderful bath items; lavender bubble bath to soak away your cares, silky lotions and scented candles. Fuzzy slippers and a thick plush robe.

Wiped Out

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Lil, It is really easy. I don't measure but I use a lettuce/spinach mix. I cut up strawberries, throw in mushrooms, pecans, and Mandarin orange slices. Then I add chicken thighs from the grill (chopped up, of course). Add some Raspberry/Walnut salad dressing! It has been a favorite in our family for years!