Visit with new psychiatrist next week

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Jul 23, 2010.

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    We have a visit with our new psychiatrist next week. I am really thinking this will be a good thing, and she is meeting difficult child when he is at his finest.

    His anxiety is sky high. There has always been a question to whether he has alopecia or pulls his own hair out. Usually it is just his eyebrows, and when it is really bad he gets small circular bald patches. He has little if any eyebrows, and several bald patches. husband has not been doing well, sleep really messed up and his been manic/hypomanic much of the summer.

    difficult child also has an extremely short fuse. He has been blowing up at the drop of a hat, tearful easily, and has put several holes in his sister's bedroom door in the last few weeks. He saw therapist on Wednesday and had a good day afterward, but the next day went back to his usual mo. He is obsessed with fishing, and unless we can take him fishing every day gets extremely upset. If husband did not have his own issues to deal with this would not be a problem, but he has been not sleeping at night and sleeps all day......from 5am or 6am to late afternoon.....3pm to 4pm.

    I hope that this new psychiatrist can do something with difficult child's medications to help him get more stable. School is coming up quicker than we think, and I hope he is in better shape then than he is now. He could not function well at school right now.

    I know part of the reason difficult child is acting the way he is can be attributed to husband's lack of stability, but not all of it.

    New psychiatrist does not bill insurance, and she can see difficult child on Monday. I have to pay $300 for the first visit, and it will be hard but I will get reimbursed from my flexible spending. I am not used to having to pay that much for doctor's visits, but she is our best option, or so I feel. I have met with her once and spoken with her on the phone numerous times.

    easy child has been having a hard time with her dad and difficult child being the way they are. She is back in therapy, and I hope it can help her some. I wish she could have a more normal life, but that is not to be.

    I am sorry I have not been posting much, but have not been in a very good state to do so. Things have been rough, and I can only hope they get better.
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    I hope the new psychiatrist is wonderful! I'm sorry things are so rough right now. Don't worry about not posting much-take care of you! Many gentle hugs coming your way.
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    Please don't worry about posting, we're here for you whenever you need us. I've been feeling myself like the board difficult child. I'm selfish, only come to it when I need something and pout when I don't hear what I want to lol.

    You are in a highly stressful period, even for having difficult children. I hope the psychiatrist visit goes well and that something triggers a move in a better direction for your family.

    Gentle hugs of friendship and understanding xo
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    Thank you two, your responses mean more than you know. So of course difficult child had a good day yesterday, better than he has in months. I really like this psychiatrist. I mentioned that difficult child might blow up at some of the things I wanted to say, and she said that was ok, sometimes that was good for her to see.

    I am really so far amazed at this psychiatrist. She is the only one in her secretary or anything and she keeps her practice small. I have her office, home and cell numbers and she asked me to use them. I saved the home number, but don't know if I can bring myself to use it. She has played phone tag with me like a champ and not complained, and I think therapist really likes her. therapist made a comment the other day that she was looking forward to working closely with new psychiatrist. I really have a good feeling about this and her.

    Now watch, difficult child will shape up before we get there.:tongue:
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    Please let us know how it goes. I'll be thinking of you this week and praying that the appointment opens up the door to better days!
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I hope she can help difficult child, too! I totally understand the obessing issue. I made the mistake of telling difficult child 2 we might -- MIGHT, go grunion hunting tonight. Well, that was before my dad was admitted to the hospital this morning. husband said that difficult child 2 was upset tonight because "Mom PROMISED we'd go grunion hunting, and WHEN is she coming home???" husband reminded him about his grandfathe being very sick, and then difficult child 2 just said, "Oh." It just feels like he's on the verge of something, Know what I mean?? Not quite obsessive like your difficult child with the fishing daily, but not terribly laid back about it either.

    I'm sorry husband is still so unstable. Hope he goes back to his own psychiatrist soon. :( I know how you feel about your easy child. I get that way about mine as well. We do the best we can for all our kids. Try not to beat yourself up over what she has to deal with. There are worse things she could have dumped on her. Truly.

    The new psychiatrist for difficult child sounds marvelous -- I hope you are pleased with the appointment. Please keep us posted, and never, NEVER apologize for posting or not posting or anything else like that! WE ALL GET IT HERE!!! That's life with a difficult child :)