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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pasajes4, Jan 31, 2013.

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    I had a visit with the psychiatrist and therapist at the detention center this morning. My son is on close supervision due to intense depression. The psychiatric rev. the medications he is on and the dosages. He was alarmed by the dosage amounts that he was on and the combination of medications. He also feels that he has been misdiagnosed. The psychiatrist is going to ween him off of his medications one by one under medical supervision and then do an intense medical and psychiatric evaluation to determine what is truly going on. I pray to God that serious damage has not been done.

    I was able to see my son for part of the visit. He was quiet and very tired. I just wanted to hug him and not let go. I try so hard to do the right thing and to have it come to this is just more than my heart can take right now. I cried all the way home.
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    But... at LEAST the psychiatrist has some sense that there's more going on and is taking a rational approach... hope he can get to the bottom of it all.
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    Oh pasa, I am so sorry, first of all, gentle hugs to surround your wounded heart. I know how you feel. Perhaps another way to look at it is that your son will be closely monitored as he comes off all the medications and they may now, for even the first time, really find out the truth of what his issues are. This may in fact be one of those silver lining times, where what appears to be a negative, turns out in time to be one of those moments where we say to ourselves, "geez, if this (horrible) thing hadn't happened, we would never have found out_________which is now crucial." This could turn out to be a healthy thing all around for your boy, while he is safe and monitored. I hope so. I'm sorry your heart is hurting. (((HUGS))))
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    I'm sending so much love and support to you. It's awful to see your child in bad shape and I remember crying so hard I couldn't breathe when Q was in the psychiatric hospital last year. Your son has gone through so much more, as have you. I couldn't pretend to really understand that depth of that, only have a sense, and it pulls at my heart for you. But I'm so grateful that this doctor seems have a sincere level of concern. I pray that he is able to support your son as he goes through this.

    please come and share your fears and thoughts. We are here for you!
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    Thank you. I think that all things happen for a reason. I truly believe that he is where he needs even though it hurts for him to be there. Everything I have seen and every person I have met is focused on helping these kids turn themselves around. I have had my sad mommy moment and my mad mommy moment. I know that I can't erase what has happened and that I must learn to be the parent he needs as we go through this. Time to put on my big girl britches and woman up to the challenge.
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    Because things are calm here right now (touch wood)... I'm shipping you my latest rhino-skin, a packet of armour polish and grease, a bucketload of patience... all packed in layers and layers of hugs.
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    I am so sorry. But, hopefully the psychiatrist will be able to get to the bottom of some of this and get him on the right medications. And, he is in the best place he can beto get that help. HUGS>