Visited dear little 14 yo son in juvie today

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by 92025, Jul 29, 2012.

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    He is a wreck. On suicide watch. Realizes he's facing a felony for destroying the phone while I was calling 911. Wants to get out. I told him sometimes they make deals to drop charges in exchange for drug treatment or rehab or mental health etc. He's willing to do that; probably not entirely for the right reason but at least he's coming around a bit. Still a bit defiant but began crying each time I suggested I should leave now. Hopefully on Thurs when I go back (if he doesn't get out before then) he will be thinking more clearly with the drugs out of his system. He is still insisting I tried to choke him; there was an altercation where I tried to keep him from running away but I did NOT try to choke him. He's just trying to draw attention away from himself by saying he's NOT going to live at home since he "can't be assured of his safety". Juvie is best place for him right now since he would not go to mental health place.
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    Where do you live that at fourteen he can say no to a mental health facility?

    Also, I'm very sorry all this is happening. It's just so hard.
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    Hugs. DDD
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    In CA the age of consent for mental health treatment is 12. Good thing Miss KT never knew that.
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    @ midwest mom: California is a "child's rights" state. They can sign themselves out of a mental health or rehab facility if they want and the facility can't stop them. That's why you've got to send them out of state to the boot camp type programs but it's complicated; you have to have some thugs show up, sign over temporary custody and have your child escorted off forcibly across the state line from what the places I've checked into have told me.
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    AmericanGirl Guest sound like you are doing amazingly well. Hugs to you 92025.

    I know it is hard. Sad. Heartbreaking. But stick to your guns.

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    We had to call the police on difficult child several times starting when she was 14 and we have had some of those same fights with her trying to wrestle car keys out of our hands or trying to keep her from leaving the house. Eventually she had so many court appearances due to unruliness that they did put her in juvie for three days. It scared her a lot and did straighten her out for about a year, but sadly she went on to bigger things. I would do it again though because it did put a safety net under her for those crutial teen years.

    I hope your difficult child is scared enough to take rehab or treatment because you and I both know that this behavior will only get worse if not addresed now.