Visited difficult child 2 today.

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    Holy carp. The counselor is saying he will soon be done with their program and he thinks he might suggest another program for him until he is 18. I am dumbfounded as we thought he was supposed to be there the whole time.

    Then he mentioned something about a THV (temporary home visit). I about popped out of my skin. As grateful as I am that he is doing well there he can't be at our house with easy child first and foremost. Second he is big enough I am not sure I would be comfortable with the potential of being alone with him. So we told them that at this time that is definately not possible.

    Then difficult child 2 gave us two things. He gave us the registry paperwork explaining what he has to do when he gets out. I have some checking to do to see if he is lifetime or if he is just 10 years. I am so not sure which way I want that to be. The other thing he gave us was a picture for easy child for her birthday.

    When we gave the picture to her I braced for the worst. She very much still wants nothing to do with difficult child 2 and prefers not to have him discussed around her. We told her she was allowed (I mean she is 17) to do what she wanted with the picture and we would understand. It is sitting on the table next to her still. She said she will think on it.

    My thought process was that she could destroy it if she felt the need in some theraputic way as to help with some of her feelings. She actually said that the picture wasn't bad. I really hadn't expected that.

    What a wierd day.

  2. Andy

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    I don't know what to say. Wow!

    Yes, I would refuse the THV if you are not 100% ready/sure of it.
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    Sorry, Beth. been there done that. I watched for years at J tearing our family apart and what it was doing to the siblings. I'm glad you are giving your daughter space to deal with this on her own terms. It's scary and confusing to them. They are *supposed* to be family, but can be evil and hurtful as well. That's a lot to deal with when you're a teen to begin with.