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  1. In a little over an hour we will have a family visiting us that hasn't seen difficult child in years. This is sending me into a bit of a panic. The family has not been around difficult child for a few years because I usually arrange times when just my easy child and their daughter can get together. There are three kids around the same age as mine. This is the kind of stuff that I really worry about with my difficult child and to be honest go to great lengths to set up the right way to avoid any issues. But due to my recuperation from we still don't know what, and difficult child's orthopedic problem, we have been very limited in our activities. We cannot meet them at a park for example which is how I would've typically handled it in the past. The kids being housebound has not been good for any of us.

    difficult child is in one of those manic moods today when he is generally happy but I can't predict just what will come out of his mouth. Even on one his quieter days it is impossible to predict. Actually, I can predict that something inappropriate will occur I just don't know how bad it will be and how I should react.

    The mom is very nice and generally well-educated about all sorts of childhood issues. I feel as if I need to disclose some of his diagnosis. But, maybe not?

    Help! Quick.
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    I would disclose that he has special needs, that sometimes he blurts out inappropriate things, and that everyone needs to maintain a heightened sense of humor. If the mom is as well-versed as you say, she should be able to figure out the rest through observation. You needn't go into detail.
    Try, try, try to enjoy the visit. :)
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    If she is that close of a friend and has that kind of a personality, I would keep it general and vague but definitely say something. You could say like Terry said. That is harmless but unformative.

    Hope everything goes well and you are able to enjoy their visit. Just remember that you don't have to try to "force" difficult child to 'behave in front of company'. His home should be where he can be himself but by no means be allowed to do whatever he wants.
  4. All went well. Whew!!!!!