Vitamin D Council info on vit D and autism

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. susiestar

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    This page has links to the info on Vitamin D and autism. It looks very interesting, though I have not read it all. This seems like a reputable source, though I cannot say for sure. I found it while looking for info on my Vitamin D deficiency.

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    Doesn't apply to us. I have olive skin and my skin reacts to most sunscreens. I spend as much time in the sun as I can, from early in summer, so I can get a 'safe' tan. I know about skin cancer risks etc, but if I'm going to get skin cancer it will be from my dramatically over-exposed skin in sunscreen-free childhood, when we spent all day every day in summer at the beach.

    Every summer I begin my exposure to the sun gently, aiming for colour without redness. By the height of summer my skin (and difficult child 3's) can tolerate full sun for pretty much a whole day, without burning.

    Nor am I wrinkled - amazing, really. I'm over 50 and have the merest trace of a single shallow line near one eyebrow. No crows feet, no deep nasolabial groove - nothing.

    But during pregnancy with difficult child 3 I definitely was not lacking Vitamin D. Nor are either of us lacking it now. He's been a beach baby since before birth.

    Next theory?

  3. susiestar

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    I think the world abound with theories. The one thing I did like about this site was they do claim most diseases are caused by multiple things, they just see that Vit D may play a role.

    I do have to get the kids checked, they have frequent muscle aches. And none Jess and I don't tan well. I am sunscreen intolerant, but also sun intolerant.
  4. Marguerite

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    easy child 2/difficult child 2 is a redhead who won't go out in the sun. I worry tat she's Vitamin D deficient (despite living in Australia) because she covers up so much. She has a beautiful bikini which she never wears because she will not go to the beach in daytime, and after dark it's too cold for her, even in summer.

    Even in summer, she covers her arms up when outdoors and wears long dresses and hats (or her Goth parasol). OK, her skin is lovely (but very pale), however I do worry about her bones.

    The Vitamin D argument is worth considering but only as maybe another possible link in some cases. It also is known to link in with a number of other disorders.

    Maybe we should bring back the Osloaf?

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    Interesting. Eeyore's bloodwork came back that his Vit D was very low and the psychiatrist added a supplement. I've also started to make him spend 30 minutes outside (he'd stay in all day if I let him). Tigger's always been better in the summer when he is outside more...mmmm.