Vitamin D defciency & high cholesterol

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    That's what came out of my most recent physical. I was very surprised on both counts. One with the vitamin D deficiency. I love the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! During the summer especially I get more than I should but still it showed a deficiency so I'll begin taking supplements.

    The one I think that surprised me even more was the high cholesterol. I really do to try eat healthy. I'm not perfect by any means (the pizza I tried tonight was delicious) but I do eat healthier than most people I know.

    My good cholesterol was very high and my bad cholesterol was a bit high-5 g or mg over what is considered within normal. I did figure out that if you added the two together it would not have been over 200 had my good cholesterol been a bit lower. However, my cholesterol level was at 233 and the doctor said in the note just to keep eating healthy and we would check it next year.

    Still, I'm frustrated and trying to figure out what to do. My mom has very high cholesterol and I know it can be hereditary. Any thoughts?
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    my father had high cholesterol that could only be controlled by medications, not diet. Often heredity comes into play with this type of thing. You may eat as healthy as possible, but those genes play such a strong roll. You do everything right - the good cholesterol is raised by a healthy diet and your triglycerides are positively impacted by exercise - all things you do. Did the doctor mention your tri numbers?

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    Hey Sharon, My recent bloodwork showed similar results, but my overall number was 202. My doctor suggested that I continue the flaxseed supplement and add Red Yeast Rice to my supplements. She knows I eat relatively healthy almost always, but I do have heriditary factors, so that is why she added the supplements. Also, she told me to knock off white foods. She said that she sees most women who eat regularly and have high cholesterol also have an intolerance to sugars/white foods. So, I am trying. Can't promise anything, but I'm trying. I have to have my blood rechecked in early September.

    Good luck to you!
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    Sharon-My triglycerides came in at 125 which was withing the normal range of 0-149.

    Jo-I don't do much in the way of white foods but I'm sure there are a few. A flaxseed supplement sounds like a good idea! I hope your blood check in September shows a lowered cholesterol!
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    I am not a doctor or a health care provider, but I have read extensively about diet, nutrition, and know a little about cholesterol and suggest you read Good Calories, Bad Calories, by Gary Taubes, as well as The Cholesterol Myth. Basically - cholesterol numbers are fairly useless in predicting heart or overall health, and cholesterol medications do more harm than good in people who haven't had heart trouble, particularly in women.
    Triglycerides are a much more significant number, as is blood sugar level and insulin response. Also an oversimplification, but if you read the books - particularly the first one (or Google Gary Taubes and you'll find plenty that he's written on the net) you will understand what I'm talking about.
    good luck -
    p.s. I'm d deficient, too, as well as B12 deficient and I take supplements for those things. Dr. is unsure as to why I'm deficient in both of those since I'm in the sun frequently and eat meat and eggs. But my cholesterol is "perfect" per doctors' recommendations - better yet, my triglycerides are very low. I eat primarily lowcarb.
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    Sharon, not surprised about the vitamin D ~ there's a tremendous lack of that particular vitamin in persons living in the northern areas of the world.

    My late husband's family always had to take medications to control the cholestoral & triglycerides - husband included. It was a familial thing.
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    Can't beat the genetics sometimes. I know you're a health-conscious person.

    Many women get higher cholesterol levels when estrogen levels start to drop (not making comments on your age, I don't know how old you are). I started menopause at age 38 so I had to look into all that a long time ago.

    So your doctor checked your Vit D? Mine never does at my physicals. LMK if you find a good supplement -- I'm looking for one. Also does another vitamin have to be taken for Vit D to be absorbed properly?

    Overall I think your lipid profile looks good. There's also the omegas which are heart protective as you know; I put them on my essential list along with calcium, B vits and a daily multi.

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    My doctor never used to check for Vitamin D levels-just started this year.
    by the way, don't worry about commenting on my age (I'm 46) and I went through a very early menopause when I was 21. I've been on HRT since then but it will be interesting to see what happens when I go off the hrt.