Vitamin D3?

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    psychiatrist suggested I add this, what is it for? I did not think to ask him, was just not in the right state of mind. I feel really silly, I googled it and it talks about bone health. well I knew that!
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    Vit D3 is another form of Vit D. Some sources say it is easier for the body to use, some say it is harder. I have tried every form of D they make, up to and including having a pharmacist specially compound it into shots.

    I had a severe Vit D deficiency. Not only do your bones soften and weaken, but you can get mentally cloudy and depressed. For some people, esp those with seasonal affective disorder, Vit D is crucial for helping their minds and emotions work properly.

    This website will explain a LOT:

    I hope this help!
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    That is helpful. I emailed psychiatrist and he told me it helps with depression, which is what the website says. Thanks S. My mind is like a collander right now (we already went through the sieve stage) so I will save the site.
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    I'm telling ya, it is great for depression.
    I got off of an AD (double, triple check with- your doctor if on one and wish to taper off) by taking D3, B Complex and Fish Oil. The D3 (liquid gel) was a major component for my mix.

    There is all sorts of research out there indicating how most people are slightly deficient in D and that it helps fight depression, stroke, heart problems and many other health conditions including cancer.

    I know a friend in the medical field who takes a very high dosage most of the year, but then takes a smaller one during the summer months (June, July and August) since she likes to garden and spends a fair amount in the direct sunlight. However, the rest of the year she doesn't like to take chances and takes the maximum dosage.

    I take a moderate dosage all year long, every day. If I feel "blue," I will take a higher dosage for a few days.

    Totally believe in D3 and my B vitamins. I take the Fish Oil mostly for good heart health, but know that it can also help for depression (prevention). All has been a big success for me.

    This is a very good video with information from
    UCSD college of medicine.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Vitamin D Prevents Cancer: Is It True?[/ame]
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    This is just what I came on tonight looking for. I feel like a huge mush brain today, and I feel the start of a slide into the depths. I don't want to go back on medication if I can at all help it, for one I am about to lose my insurance soon.

    I have been trying a multi vitamin with a b complex. I will add D3 and a fish oil. Does the bottle say how much to take?

    Any suggestions for help with getting to sleep at night?

    Thank you!
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    If you go to, you can read up on D3. Look up name brands and see what people posted about them.
    Another good website, from what I understand, is Swanson.
    I always like Wholefoods, especially when gathering information.
    Lately, I buy my D3 softgels wherever I can buy them inexpnsively. The last time I bought them at Costco.
    The Carlson Fish Oil, I buy at Wholefoods.
    The B50, I usually buy at the drug store. Sometimes I can get them buy one, get one free or 50% off.

    I take between 2000 to 4000 iu of D3. Sometimes I have taken 3000 daily. Or I take 2000 in the summer and 4000 the remainder of the year. Both work well for me. Not sure, but this is probably a moderate to high dosage.

    I take one Carlson Brand fish oil per day (not sure of the dosage). Carlson has a good reputation in terms of ratio and purity.

    And I take a B50 tablet each day, but double it when I am feeling blue and may do this for several weeks. Many of my friends just simply take a B100 tablet if depression is severe. I also take additional B12, but have not been consistent with the B12 lately. Many people over 40, especially those on medication or under a lot of stress, are low in B12.

    This formula has worked very well for me to relieve depression and fatigue. It is not perfect, but it has made a noticeable difference for me.

    Make sure you get the D3 softgels.
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    Getting to sleep at night...

    Might want to try Tryptophan

    Whole foods sells pharmaceutical grade quality,...really top notch.

    This works sooo well for me, I take 1/2 of a capsule...which is a tiny dosagae.

    husband takes the entire thing.

    It makes us a little sleepy and also helps with depression. Both of us will take this mostly for anxiety that keeps us up at night and we will only take it for a few days, a week the most. We have found this to be excellent.

    Otherwise, perhaps a small dosage of melatonin. Personally, I have found melatonin to make me sleepy in the morning (although I understand this side effect is rare). Life Extension Co. (LEF) is now making pills of this in tiny dosages.
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    I have used a whole bunch of different D vitamin forms. Having none of it in my system, I can tell you that it makes a HUGE difference in every single facet of your life. NOTHING is left unchanged.

    My docs theorize that I have always had something of an "intolerance" of D. From childhood I hated milk, being out in the sun was often painful, sunburns hurt almost as bad right after the color faded as they did when they were new. Foods with lots of D made me sick to my stomach.

    So after trying 11 different kinds/brands of D, I got a doctor to give me shots of it. OUCH! Ins paid for none of it. NONE. We did four groups of 4 shots, 1 per week. Between each group we waited a week. After the 2nd round my levels increased by 50%. From a level 6 to a level 9. If you are under 15 then you are said to be severely deficient.

    Didn't seem like much progress. But in the 9 months since then I am up to the low end of normal.

    Sadly, I still have soft bones that I am working to heal. And not enough D, and thus calcium, to use boniva or fosamax yet. (They are excruciatingly painful if your levels are not right.)

    Whatever you take, take some D and Calcium together every day. Just check your multivitamin and your D/Calcium supplement to see how many you need to take to meet the RDA.

    I hope this helps. D can change your life if you are very low.
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    i teach weight loss classes and we have been talking up vit d for the last yr. it plays such a big part in every aspect of your health. i use the soft gel capsules and the gummies for the kids.

    make sure you get 2000-3000 mg per day. rda right now is only 400mg but they are looking to raise it to 1000 mg and most nutritionist recommend the higher amts.
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    This is so timely.

    I just went for my quarterly blood work for my thyroid. I mentioned to the doctor that I really believe I have seasonal affective disorder - in the late fall and winter through April, I get sad and moody, I am exhausted, can't wake up, need to sleep with the lights on, etc. In summer, I wake up at 5:30 smiling. I have been feeling foggy, fuzzy, can't remember things, etc. I passed the basic Alzheimer's screening, which I made her give me! so she thinks it might be Vitamin D. I don't drink OJ because it's so fattening or milk due to lactose issues, so I will ask her about the medications you have mentioned here.

    I would give anything to feel human during the winter. My whole family and tons of friends went out to the movies tonight and I refused to go because I feel so down.

    Thanks for this topic.

    She is having my blood tested for Vitamin D deficiency.