Voluntary Madness, My Year Lost And Found In The Looney Bin

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    I'm going to read it. I've been in three different psychiatric Hospitals. In all three, if you didn't "behave" you were threatened with a version of "the quiet room." That's exactly what it sounds like. You are locked in a room with a bed, possibly chained if you fight it, with no windows (you may jump or hurt yourself) and nobody to talk to until the nurses to come in with your medications (and you'd better swallow) or the doctor comes in and tells you what you have to do to get out. It's like being in jail. I ended up there once for telling them the truth about how badly I felt. They said it was "for your protection" although I hadn't done anything "wrong" (yes, they have strict rules)--like refuse medications or act out. For one night I was stuck in this little padded cell (yes, they exist). For three days I wasn't allowed off the "closed" ward, which is a place where extremely psychotic people are kept. Obviously, there is nobody to talk to but the nurse in charge, if she feels like being friendly. I was terrified and clausterphobic about being there. You bet that once I was "allowed the privilege" of the open ward, I "behaved." I didn't open my mouth. I told them what they wanted to hear. This had truly been used inappropriately so I know first hand that these practices are used and not always the right way. This was one of those small, private hospitals. I had only gone in because my medications have given me a bad reaction and the withdrawal from the medications and being on no medications was terrible.
    This was twenty years ago. I hope things have improved.
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    I can't read most of these books. They either get me so riled up or they put me into a depression. Missy's psychiatrist recommended I read The Bipolar Child. At the time, I was so stressed and overwhelmed and probably on the verge of a deep depression. It put me right over and I had to go on medications for a couple of months. When I read things like this, I fear so much for my child and what she may have to deal and I can't deal with it. I like my state of denial right now.
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    I'm the same way!

    I get so upset...and there's nothing that I can do to change the situation...so it's even worse because I'm left feeling upset and helpless to help.

    I also try to avoid expose-type of news stories if I know that I will react emotionally but will be powerless to affect a change.