Vyvanse feedback anyone?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shellyd67, May 12, 2011.

  1. shellyd67

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    I have been doing research online today about the ADHD medication Vyvanse.

    Concerta 36mg seems to be running it's course with- difficult child.

    We have a psychiatrist appointment on Tuesday and I am going to discuss it with him also.

    But the best feedback and advice will come from here I am sure of it.

    I know all kids respond differently to medications but we are considering maybe switching medications.

    54mgs of Concerta is our next option or 45mg. 1 18mg and 1 27 mg.

    We have to pay out of pocket for all medications. Our insurance will ONLY cover Adderall.

    Just wondering how your kiddos do with- Vyvanse. Thanks !!!!
  2. Jules71

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    We did Focalin xr 5 mg for the first 3 mos. Then Adderall xr 10 mg for 18 mos. Then went to Vyvanse. I don't think our pediatrician really titrated it right. We started off at 20 mg and it did nothing. The next month we increased it to 30 mg but my notes don't really mention anything. We increased it to 40 mg the following month and it was too much. Per my notes, this is what we experienced: Daily headaches, dizzy, thrashes – cries out – hits self while asleep, emotional outbursts, crying, aggression/hostility, stealing/lying, fear*

    *Fear of going places in house alone (bathroom, bedroom, garage, etc.)

    It is so hard to know how your child will respond to it though. Everyone is different. And what works today may not work tomorrow, etc. So much fun huh? So after Focalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, Brightspark (naturopathic), and then back to Adderall -- we went to Concerta. Then Concerta with Intuniv. The first time we tried Intuniv we thought we were having horrible side effects - but then 3 mos later we tried it again and didn't see anything we saw the first time around. We are about to increase the Intuniv to 3 mg and I don't know what to expect, but it is clear the combo he is on now is not as effective as it once was.

    Good luck!
  3. graceupongrace

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    Vyvanse has worked well for my difficult child -- much better than Concerta, and it lasts way longer -- around 11 hours. difficult child says he feels better on Vyvanse than on other medications, and we haven't seen any side effects. The down side is the cost -- expensive even with decent insurance. We never tried Adderal because psychiatrist said it's too risky with difficult child's genetic predisposition to high cholesterol. I'm thinking that if your psychiatrist ruled out Adderal, your insurance might approve an exception. Good luck! (Don't you just hate the medication-go-round?!)
  4. jennd23

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    My guy has been on Vyvanse since November of last year, its working well for him. It does cause sleep and appitite issues for him. He had a really hard time falling and staying asleep. Now that he's on Guaficine & Abilify he doesn't have any problems sleeping. He also had no appitite on it but again, with Abilify he has the opposite problem now.

    Jules - that's interesting about fear of going places alone in the house. My guy does that too but I never even thought it was related to the medications. Interesting.
  5. shellyd67

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    Thanks for the feedback ladies.

    I REALLY HATE the medication-go-round.

    It just stresses me out to no end worrying how a new medication is going to effect difficult child.

    husband and I did quite a bit of research and I think we may give it a go.

    I want to start on a weekend when husband and I are both able to be home to keep a close eye on difficult child.

    We see psychiatrist on Tuesday and will discuss it with him as well.

    I will keep you updated.

    Enjoy your weekend !
  6. justour2boys

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    My oldest DS is using Vyvanse and it is working well. The one thing I figured out was to give it to him WITH food. The way the drug is formulated it "works" better when taken with food.
  7. Castle Queen

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    Knight was on Vyvanse for a few months. If you try it, ask your psychiatrist if he has coupons. I got one that essentially made it free for 6 months. It was very similar to Concerta, but I would echo the comment about the sleep effects. For Knight it actually didn't last as long as the Concerta, so I took him off it.
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    My son has been on vyvanse for about two years with success. He takes 30 mg and it definitely lasts longer than any other stimulant he's been on (concerta and adderall). The appetite is not too bad but the sleep issues he's kinda adjusted to - he never was a big sleeper with the exception of a few years of elem school with he was on remeron for depression.

    Castle Queen brings up a good point, I think we got three months free with a coupon from the doctor when difficult child started the vyvanse. difficult child says the vyvanse makes him feel more himself than any other stimulant and it doesn't seem to have the irritability issues he had when on adderall.

    Good luck

  9. shellyd67

    shellyd67 Active Member

    Thank you all for your feedback !

    I am going to speak with- psychiatrist and of course ask for the coupon since we pay out of pocket.

    husband is off this coming weekend and I would prefer he be at home so we can both keep a close eye on difficult child.

    It is always so scary to begin a new medication trial.

    We spoke briefly with difficult child last night about a possible change and he kind of blew it off.

    He is medication resistant almost everyday so this should be loads of fun !
  10. crazymama30

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    My difficult child does great with vyvanse, seems to have a smoother start and stop than other stims for him. My difficult child is on tons of medications though.