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  1. Well, difficult child saw the psychiatrist last week and psychiatrist said we need to add a medication to his Geodon. He couldn't believe with the dose of Geodon that difficult child is taking that the mania was breaking through. He said we have tried the atypicals and now it is time to try some others. He mentioned Neurontin, Lamictal and Lithium. He said lets try Neurontin first, since last Monday, we have been titrating difficult child from 300 mg 1x day up. As of today he is up to 300mg 2x day. I have not seen ANY improvement. He is still manic and extremely irritable. Everything sets him off. He snaps at everything. The other night he was extremely ****** off at 9:30pm when I wouldn't take him to the video store to exchange a game and was in my face. Last night, he was at it again, he got so upset when I wouldn't take him, I told him no, I wasn't going to take him (does he not get that having an attitude is not going to get him anywhere?) anyway, he said give him a valid reason, I told him I am the mom and I said no. He told me that was not a valid reason. WHAT? Anyway, he got ****** off and hit the door, and then threw something against the door.

    Anyway, I had already called the doctor and left a message yesterday about what is going on, difficult child has an appointment next Monday, but I didn't want to wait. psychiatrist called this morning when I was taking difficult child to school, he said to discontinue the Neurontin (already had this morning's dose) and that he was at the hospital now, but would look at his chart and call me again after lunch.

    This weekend, 2 different times, difficult child was to go somewhere and both times he was screaming and talking baby talk and not wanting to go. He ended up going both times (because he can't and won't stay at home by himself) and ended up enjoying himself anyway (he won't admit it though). One of those times my parents were taking him and his sister to a holiday dinner put on by the MDA and Santa was going to be there.

    Lately, I have been noticing something too, he seems to be really sensitive to touch, he has been claiming his sheets are too rough, his socks bother him and other things like that. Never been an issue before. I bought him some jersey knit (like t-shirt material) sheets for Christmas, they should be softer than regular cotton.

    Anyway, I just needed to vent and throw out there what we have been going through with him.

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    So sorry he is having such a rough time! I cant really help you with the medication issue but because I'm bipolar I can help you with the sheet issue some. When I was younger I could not stand having the hem of my sock touch the top of my toes and it would literally drive me crazy so I had to have the hem on the top. I still can get this way, mostly when I am in a hypomanic state. I am extremly irritable and will notice every thread in every tag or piece of clothing I have on. I cant wear turtle necks for this reason. I also cant wear socks to bed at all because I will lie in bed awake until i am completly comfortable. I bought these really expensive sheets with a really high thread count and a quilt like blanket so I wont get oo hot or feel the comforter touching me.:D I am not sure what makes us crazy abt. things touching us while in a manic state, but I definitly can relate. Try the new sheets and see if it makes a difference for him. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks! I was wondering if it was something related to him being manic! I hope the new sheets work, I also bought him a microfiber fleece (I think that is what it is called) blanket which is really soft. Hopefully it will help.

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    The sensitivty totouch: difficult child has silk sheets, always getting cushy blankies, fabric must feel great, and cannot have seams, tags, etc. touching. Compassion
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    Lithium has been the biggest help in toning my son's cycling- I think- at least it seemed to get him stabilized. I've heard that the older first line mood stabilizers are frequently the best bet, even though other medications may need to be added to that.

    I'm not familiar with geodon since my son has never tried it but some medications he has tried have different wierd side effects- I'm wondering if his sensitivity might have something to do with the geodon. My son is much less ssensivite when he's on the manic end and much more sensitive when he's on the depressive end- this applies to physical as well as emotional.