Waiting for christmas.

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    I am so excited. All my shopping is done.
    My plans all worked out with husband's friend. I purchased tickets and am flying my three boys (easy child, difficult child and husband) to Pittsburgh in February.
    They are staying with friend, seeing a hockey game, visiting the city.
    Friend got a group of guys together to surprise husband. I am so excited. They are big hockey fans. He promised easy child he would take him there to a hockey game 22 years ago. He will show them where he lived, where he grew up.

    The outside of my house is decorated, since Halloween. But the inside is not. Waiting on the new carpet. Then need to decorate.

    I baked 15 dozen cut out cookies yesterday. And made the batter for two other kinds. double, double batches. Haven't baked those yet. Need to frost the cut outs too. But today I am waiting for carpet and my furniture is in my kitchen.

    Tomorrow is difficult child's Birthday. 14. It is tough to balance birthday and xmas. He kind of gets ripped off. Some things we say are for birthday and xmas. Just doesn't seem right.

    He had a physical a few weeks ago. Lots of blood work. No signs of Puberty. It is tough in High School when you are small and your voice has not changed.
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    How fun. I love the thoughtfulness of your gift. I'm sure he will be touched and excited.

    I think it's important for kids to see where their parents came from and what their life was like. You did a good thing for him.

    I need a clone of me to get my baking done. Maybe you could swing by and do some for me? LOL.

    It's great that your giving and holiday spirit is so uplifting.

    Enjoy the new carpet. I'm sure it will make your home look lovely.

    HB to difficult child. I have an anniversary the day after Christmas so I know what he means about feeling somewhat short changed. Of course, it was our choice and the celebrating isn't a big deal to us. husband usually gets two separate gifts for me now that we are older. In the early days there wasn't enough for one gift let alone 2. LOL.
    My friend who has a son born on Christmas day always had a 1/2 year birthday party. In July they would have a party for being 1/2 year to the next birthday. This way he could invite kids and have a real party. I liked the idea myself.
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    Hope the boys have a wonderful time!