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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. klmno

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    Have you heard about this new documentary? They are donating to the school of your choice if you buy a ticket.

  2. Nancy

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    I am anxious to see it. Oprah had two shows about it and they were very interesting. easy child is a firts grade teacher so she is very interested to see it too. I think this is an exciting time for teachers who want to make a difference and aren't afraid of being evaluated on performance. There are so many cities that are overhauling their entire school systems because they are in crisis and so the opportunities are there to be outstanding.

    For example, easy child never leaves her classroom before 7 pm and then spends all evening grading papers and preparing for the next day. She has two children who are very low and should not have been passed out of kindergarten but she took it upon herself to tutor them every day after school. She said she can see it making a big difference and even though they will both probably have to repeat first grade they will have a good chance holding their own instead of continuing to fall further behind. She is creating modified lessons for them and is commited to helping them reach their potential. There are other teachers who would just let them fail. Many teachers walk out of their rooms as soon as the children leave. They don't want to do anything extra and are reluctant to being paid on performance. I help in her classroom on Fridays by testing the children on their word buddies. She is a natural and is doing a wonderful job. She continues to look for new ways to teach and keep the children's interest. It's a charter school so she makes far less than if she were in a public school, but I believe teachers have to go above and beyond to help solve our education crisis. Those that are willing to do that will hopefully be compensated.

    Our city is one that is in crisis. We closed a lot of school at the end of last year. The superintendant has reassigned teachers and has opened several new schools that are non traditional, all girls, all boys, school of the arts, schools for underperformaing children, schools for at risk kids. He is shaking up the district and it's about time, they have been floating along too many years just passing kids through.

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    Nancy, I almost posted a thread earlier to ask about your daughter in treatment but then decided you would let us know as you are comfortable with it.

    I am convinced that our system is broken and in my jurisdiction, even that would be an understatement. It has gotten so outrageous that I don't think people would believe me if I told them- it's too easy to stay in their clique and point the finger at whoever doesn't go along with it I guess. So anyone who stands up to that and really has a drive to do something based on integrity has 100% of my support. And I am sure it isn't just the schools that are broken. And it isn't just bad teachers either- it's higher authority than that.
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    Oh yes I agree, it's all the way up the line and extends to how schools are funded. It has been declared unconstitutional to fund schools by property taxes and yet no one has found a better way so it continues. I was so impressed to see Zuckerman give all thos emillions to the New Jersey school system, which surely is in crisis too. And I'm excited to see how they use it. I was also so interested in the Washington Difficult Child situation and how they are trying to turn that around. Like I say these can be very exciting times if you are willing to take a risk. And I agree, anyone who is willing to tackle the problem has my support.

    I will post an update on difficult child in the substance abuse forum, not sure how I feel right now.

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    It's all about funding and who's voted in as authority people. I won't get political here but if people start paying more attention to what authorities are really doing, they will see it. It doesn't take a genious to see this method inplace over the past 5-10 years isn't working and sure isn't helping our kids.
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    Im so glad here that one of the things our lottery did was start a preschool program called More at 4. Almost all kids qualify for the program if parents enroll them in a timely manner. In other words, dont wait until the last minute because classes do fill up.

    They really work hard with these kids to teach them important things like pre-reading skills, numbers, shapes, colors, computers, sharing, some phonics work, stuff like that. Of course, they learn how to handle classroom stuff like standing in lines, buddies, raising hands, being polite.

    Keyana ADORES it.
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    I'm in Canada but still look forward to seeing this. I was stunned to hear of schools getting 100% graduation rate, which means there IS a way to make things work FOR kids instead of against them. And taking kids in grade 9 who work at a grade 4 level and getting them to graduation on time is phenomenal.

    easy child's teacher this year is one I wish I could duplicate for other classrooms. First day of school she sent home notice that EVERY single day she will remain in the classroom at dismissal and work with any children who choose to stay. She will be working with kids who : are behind and need help, are struggling, whose parents are busy and don't have enough time to help with homework etc. easy child is a great student but she was so smitten with this teacher that she has chosen to stay every day, in spite of having good grades anyhow and no struggles with homework and always a parent to work with her. She just likes the involvement and commitment from the teacher. It takes special people to go beyond their duties, beyond the work day, to reach out to help all children succeed.
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    It's going to be in our city for just one week, mid-October. Tickets are already on sale. I've set up an event for my movie group to see it on Tues. Oct 19th, I'm really looking forward to it.