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    The school psuch who did difficult child's baised evaluation was scheduled to call me today to "answer any questions". This was scheduled before I rec'd the report but now they have rec'd my request for the IEE. Soooo.....the school psychiatric called earlier and asked if she could call me back with the Special Education director to discuss my request for the IEE on a conference call. They should be calling any second. I'm so nervous. I know they are going to try to talk me out of it and tell me stuff to try to make me think it's pointless or that they can't/won't do it. What do I say? This previous report was inaccurate and focused on things it should not have focused on.
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    Focus on listening not what you are going to say. You can't preplan what you are going to say when you haven't heard their input. Have a pen and notebook in front of you so you can make notes. Ask for explanations of anything that is not totally clear.

    If you do not understand or agree it probably would be best to suggest that you all have a followup call or meeting before trying to reach decisions of such import. DDD
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    I just got off the phone after we had an hour long conference call. We agreed to the following:

    1) We will still have an IEP meeting tomorrow to discuss the few things outstanding to get a signed IEP since they are still going on an old one. They just want to get things documented appropriately, which is fine because difficult child is doing very well and there's no crisis at this point to necessitate any major change.

    2) They wanted me to send them my notes about whatever background info was inaccurate in the sd's report, stating she would correct it and we could still have an Eligibility Meeting because she said it wouldn't change her clinical impressions, summary, or recs. I would not agree to this so I did agree to bring a letter stating that we are extending the deadline for the evaluation. difficult child remains on an IEP in the meantime.

    3) The sd psychiatric didn't understand why I wouldn't be satisfied with the above proposal because she said she supports the idea of keeping difficult child on an IEP, stating that there's evidence that his behavior can impact his learning. I told her that A) there's also evidence that even when it's not coming out as a behavior problem, he needs an IEP and that if positive supports are put in place to address the other difficulties difficult child has when he's struggling, it doesn't turn into a behavioral issue- as evidenced in his great behavior at sd in 7th and 8th grade, but not covered in her report and B) I would think that if her clinical impressions, summary, and recommendations are based on background info and what is behind difficult child's difficulties and she's basing that on inaccurate information or interpretation and not willing to re-evaluation her opinion after info is corrected then I want to proceed with an IEE. They agreed to that.

    And we agreed that the sd psychiatric and I will meet after the IEP meeting tomorrow to discuss my 8 pages of notes I made after reading her report. She says she is willing to clarify things- like that there were not 3 different incidences of difficult child using a weapon. There was one- and it was a steak knife he threatened me with by his actions. (This was documented 3 different ways by different people so she assumed there was this history of difficult child using a weapon on people.) She said she might or might not change her opinions in the report after we cover these issues. If she does and we all end up happy with it, I will drop the pursuit of the IEE, however, in the meantime, they are getting the list of evaluators from the DOE for me.

    So, I think it went well. They seem cooperative and I don't think they are too awfully annoyed with me. LOL!
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