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    difficult child went to school today- and he was 10 mins early!! He had a great time on his field trip, which actually was a trip where the students did a financial project, instead of just looking at stuff. I'm sooo hoping that he goes in tomorrow- on time.

    I get a message from my boss. :( I stayed at home this morning looking over difficult child's iep and hoping to get phone calls returned, then I went to work this afternoon. Boss was out- maybe he'll be in tomorrow. I'll hope the talk is just to find out what's going on and not the "worst".

    difficult child's cm emailed back- she doesn't sound too happy. She said the iep reflected what we all agreed on and mentioned the principal's name. Then she asked that I PLEASE send that IEP back because it was the original and she would send me a copy if I needed one to review with difficult child's therapist. (I had emailed and said I wasn't comfortable signing it- that we need to have another meeting.)

    Of course, the only return calls I rec'd were while I was away. I don;t like leaving the work phone number because I don't want others overhearing this kind of conversation. I'll try to make phone contact again in the morning.

    The return calls were from the guy at the state agency. He really didn't offer any info that he hadn't told me before. The lady from the parent advocacy group (I just want to ask her for direction- ideas, etc), well, she's out of town until Thurs. And, the lady about the bipolar study.

    I did not have a call returned from the principal or the person who coordinates the community teams. I have to get a hold of them soon, unless difficult child can get in an inpatient study within the next couple of weeks. I just don't have the resources to make it another month. :(
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    Klmno: Call back and point out that whatever impression of agreement that she and Principle _______ may have had, that you, parent, are having questions and those do need to be clarified asap.
    The fact that you are working and a single parent do also make your time valuable and therefor it would be more than convieniant if this matter were resolved quickly.
    Also, you could sign ammended that pending a revision meeting is immediately requested. You could mark the document on the lines where you have questions: like "what does this do to help?" "can we agree on benchmark?"
    "what is the conseling goal and how often will these sessions be provided?"
    Specific and relavent questions.
    Get out your calendar and figure out how you can make time available in your schedule to meet with them.
    I think keeping your private issues out of the workplace is important. Mainly because it is best if you have "time off" during your day when you are totally focused on other matters. In my view the fact is my subconscious does plenty of sorting without my active participation. Some of my best AHHA moments seem to lift like a bubble in a champagne glass out of nowhere when I am completely engaged in some unrelated activity.
    When I am overly preoccupied my brain is more like an old car with a choke
    that won't turn over because it is flooded.
    Do respond to the school. They are needing your help. It is good that the matter is important to them as well. Be gracious. Say what you have to say
    and be appreciative. ANd if you have to restate, ask what seems like the same questions just do it. Be clear what you do want: specificity.
    How can you know if the IEP provisions are being applied if the service and objectives are vague?
    That is what occurs to me. Take or leave. I am certain that you are going to get a good result in the end. Keep up the dialogue. When can you talk on the phone? Prearrange to talk during that time. ANd e-mail...alot...until you feel they are doing all that you feel is needed for your learner in their care.
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    klmno, do you have a cell phone? Can you leave that number and keep your cell phone on at work? If you get a call back at work, can you walk your cell phone to a private place to talk?

    Hope you connect with the people you need to soon. Hugs.
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    Don't let them pressure you into signing the iep if you are not o.k. with it. I hope you are able to connect with everyone soon. Hugs-I know how hard this is on you.